Dear Israel:

To any Israeli team: Next year in Atlanta, I’d like to get an Israeli flag; I’ll trade shirts and martian dolls, but that’s my goal. Can anyone help me out? By the way, I’m talking a real flag, not one of those plastic ones, so pack an extra, and we’ll do business next year! Ok? Ok.

If I end up going to IRI, I can probably bring you one. I assume your team is coming again this year?!


The Israeli teams are really cool people to interact with. We had the pleasure of working with a team from Israel in 2006 and it was an awesome experience to work with people form a different culture. I wish I had a collection of the Flags of FIRST. Maybe I can convince teams from other countries going to Championships next year to bring one along.

Hopefully we will be going to IRI, it looks like we will anyway, of course you can’t be too sure. That would be great though if you could do that, I’ll be sure to pack a few extra shirts for trading.