Dear Mentors,

So today I was talking with a fellow student on my team, and we came upon the discussion about how our mentors are stressing themselves with their off-season projects for not only our team, but for other teams as well. I then realized how much mentors do for, not only our team, but every single team in FIRST. Mentors can never recieve enough thanks from us students, who don’t know even half of what they put into our teams.

So to speak for all FIRST students, who couldn’t be involved if it weren’t for all you mentors; Thank You, you guys are our heros.

Thanks Katie, that was a well timed and much appreciated high five.

Now, back I go to working on the robot…

Well Said Katie. I’ve been lucky enough to have been on my team through my Student-Mentor transition and I do what I can for the students on our team just like the older mentors did for me when I was a student. It’s what FIRST is all about.

I think I speak on behalf of most mentors when I say students like you are our heroes.

Great post, Katie.
Gratias magistri (et magistrae) We wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

You are very welcome, but it’s more out of self preservation that I mentor. I figure towards the end of my working career I’ll be working for one of you, and I want all the advantage I can get. :slight_smile:

Like Justin, I find myself starting to transition into a mentor role on the team now that I’m in college. But, FIRST would be NOTHING without all of the mentors doing what they do and teaching what they can day in and day out. I’m sure you can see the results and impact of what you do, but in case you don’t: THANK YOU! And as Katie said you guys cannot be thanked enough.

PLEASE keep up the great work!

This came up during a class discussion in my friend’s sociology class today and I thought I’d share.

"I was sustained by one piece of inestimable good fortune. I had for a friend
a man of immense and patient wisdom and a gentle but unyielding fortitude.

I think that if I was not destroyed at this time by the sense of hopelessness which these gigantic labors
has awakened in me, it was largely because
of the courage and patience of this man.

I did not give in because he would not let me give in."

Thomas Wolfe

I have the greatest respect for many of the men and women involved in FIRST and FRC. Thank you.

For those of us fortunate to be told what we contribute to FIRST, your words echo the accolades we regularly hear. Thank you for putting them down for all to read.

For those who, for whatever reason, never hear enough gratitude, know that these simple words should always apply to you.

And, as has been so eloquently stated in the past, know that we mentors get at least as much out of working with these wonderful students as they get from us. Without a doubt, an equitable bargain.

Thanks for sharing! This definitely struck a chord in me and reminded me of my times as a FIRST student. Mentors are the best, and even when one thanks them, it never seems to be quite enough, does it? How do you thank someone who completely changed your life? I like to think a person does that by sharing what they were taught with others–like I am trying to do now with my current team. By teaching my students what my mentors taught me, I hope to give a little back to those who impacted my life in such a positive way.