Debug Windriver issue.....

Hello, two problems i am having are 1) on the DS it says Battery: No Code and 2) when i try debugging the cRIO i get a nice screen of error messages "Unresolved Symbols on Download Module. On downloading module ‘/IterativeDemo/PPC603gnu/IterativeDemo/Debug/IterativeDemo.out’ on target ‘VxWorks6x_10.5.22.2-MPC5200’, the module symbols could not be fully resolved. and then i get a nice list of unresolved symbols. What does this mean? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Funny you should ask this question, we had the same error pop up yesterday. When VxWorks loads a kernel module (ie your robot code) it makes sure that every function that is called by your code exists somewhere in the running kernel or the previously loaded modules. This check is not done when the code is built or linked.

Look at each symbol it is complaining about and ensure that you haven’t made a typo and that the method is actually implemented in your code. Our problem yesterday was that the base class didn’t have a method implemented.

but i haven’t edited the code at all. I just used the template, built it, and it built with no errors. Does this mean i have to actually write code for it to work, instead of just building and downloading the template?

Did you reimage the cRIO to support C++ debugging?

yes i did, am i doing something wrong somewhere?

To elaborate more on the problem that Mike referred to, we had something like this

class A
    virtual void func(void);

class B : public A
   virtual void func(void);

void B::func(void)

EDITDave corrected me below. See his description along with my original text

What template are you using? What are the symbols that it complains about? Maybe posting your source and headers may help us help you.

That’s not quite correct… since A::func() was not implemented, the vxWorks loader could not load our compiled program because it couldn’t resolve all the symbols. The compiled .out file is basically a dynamically-linked library (DLL), and one of the jobs of the vxWorks loader is to resolve all the symbols in the .out file before it starts it. It couldn’t do that so it presented an error message and gave up trying to load it. That left the Rio running fine but with no user program on it (DS says “No Code”). Nothing crashed.

Another place where you can get “nice” list if unresolved symbols is if the cRIO image version doesn’t match the version of the library you are using. All the FPGA functions are in a namespace that is tied to the version of the FPGA image. When you see a giant list of ChipObject symbols undefined, it’s because the program loader is looking for a newer (or older) version of those functions in the cRIO image.

If that’s what you’re seeing make sure that the cRIO is flashed with the same version of code as the library you’re using for your C/C++ program. We are trying to keep the releases in sync so at any point in time, the two should match. And we’ll say on the download page what is required for the C/C++ library.

In trying to build the simple robot example we are seeing this issue… Unresolved symbols for nFPGA things.

How can we verify that we have matching versions of the library and the firmware?


-Wade Hasbrouck

we are experiencing the same errors. WE upgraded the cRio to v20, but are still getting the same “unresolved modules” issues.
We are using the simpleRobot template without any modifications

The proper version of the cRIO image for 2011 started out at v25.

A new programming update was released a couple of days ago, with cRIO image v27.

Thank you Alan. I found the new cRio version and will be trying it tomorrow. I’ll report back the results.

In case anyone needs it, this is the link to the new CRio version…1_0_for_2011_f

Ok, I updated cRio to v27. The SimpleRobot program compiles and loads correctly. So at least we are moving forward. Now, I have a different issue; nothing happens when the program runs.

I open the Driver Station and in the Diagnostics window I get the "Attempting to reuse an allocated resource" .... Now to look at others posts in the site for solution to this problem