Debugging/Dealing With Limelight Teleporting

I recorded some video of some issues our robot is having just standing still, and one of them is the limelight “teleporting” out of nowhere for a few frames.

Here’s another video where:

I have more if you want them!

Just as a reminder, once paused in YouTube you can use “,” and “.” to go back and forward one frame, respectively.

Any assistance on how I can debug this? The fix on the AprilTag isn’t glitching, although it looks like there might be some camera artifacts at the same time. Not enough to be real april tags though.

We are running our router at the same time. Perhaps this (and probable navx glitching, although we have 4 instances of navx in the code running apparently :D) is due to RF interference? We are seeing similar behavior during matches at the most inconvenient times. :slight_smile:

The programming kids tell me we have an N-1 version on there, will probably have them reprogram it tomorrow in case there is a recent fix.

Open to any advice for how other teams have dealt with this too!

I think Brandon already worked around the problems in his great documentation here: Tracking AprilTags — Limelight 1.0 documentation

Some of the knobs that I’ll have the students play with tomorrow:

  • Increase quality threshold / minimum size. We don’t need to track from more than 10 feet away unless we see more tags in auto or something.
  • Use ID filters
  • Unrelated: Increase detector downscale for greater acquisition speed while moving
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