Debugging problems in WindRiver

We experienced a lot of problems this year trying to debug our programs in WindRiver. We have finally solved the problem (see below).

The symptoms are:
When you debug your program, it hits the first breakpoint and you press the green “>” on the top of the debug panel, the debugger will read ʻdisconnectedʼ and you will not hit any more of your breakpoints.

The problem is:
The debugger is only attached to the first task (which terminates), not any of the spawned tasks. Last year there was a clear checkbox to select “attach debugger to spawned tasks”. This year it is cleverly hidden, but we found it.

The solution: (see our whitepaper with screenshots at
Access the debug configuration from the Remote Systems panel as follows:
•right click on the target (vxWorks6x_10…) in the “Remote Systems” panel
•select “Debug >” from the pop-up menu
•from the sub-menu select “Debug Configurations…”
•scroll down check off “Automatically attach spawned Kernel tasks”

Hope that saves others some time!!

  • Kevin, “K-Botics” team 2809