Debugging without Driver Station?

I am trying to help the local robotics team a little bit with their programming.

Right now we (try to) program on one quite fast computer, build the program, deploy it to the cRIO and then switch to the driver stations driver mode to test it.

I have to short questions to that:

  1. Do we really have to build the programm everytime we make slight chances? This takes pretty long

  2. Is there a way to run the code to debug it without using the lame driver station?
    Or do I really have to program on the driver station to be able to access the debugging?

Thank you very much

You do not have to use the small Classmate.
You can use a better faster pc/laptop to debug your code

But you do need to have the Driver Station exe running on the faster computer to be able to enable the robot. Plus the stop button and the joysticks plugged in.

To run the code and watch it run from the faster computer just hit the Run Arrow and it will down load and run in one action.

Thanks a lot, bro.