(Dec. 2) Onshape Webinar - Collaborate with CAD Using Onshape in FIRST

The PTC Education team is hosting another FIRST-focused Onshape webinar on December 2nd at 3 PM EST!

This webinar will have a strong technical focus on how FRC teams can structure their Onshape document(s) to allow for a streamlined design process. We’ll also cover some different tools, websites, and Onshape add-ins that we believe can save time and reduce errors.
If you sign up at this link, you’ll receive a link to the live webinar as well as a link to the recording once it’s in the Onshape Learning Center (roughly a week after).

Huge thanks to Team 1678 and Team 3847 for taking the time to show us how their teams use Onshape - their knowledge and experience was crucial to developing this webinar!


We appreciate PTC doing training, but you should remember that 3PM on a weekday is not the best time for high school students. Our high school does not end until 3:30 EST at the earliest, and presumably teams further west will have a harder time.

Please do post the recording, assuming you make one, because we are definitely interested (and love OnShape).


100% this!

I may have it on in the background while still at work.

The standard time for Onshape Education webinars has been set at 3:00PM EST to accommodate a global audience, but we will discuss having a wider range of times. Sorry for the inconvenience this time around!

I’ll make sure to link the recording to this post as soon as it’s available. Those who sign up will be sent a link to the recording as well.

If anyone would like to view the last webinar, you can do so here!


Totally understand the challenges of a global audience. Some of our students may be able to see it, and the recording will be a huge help. Thanks.


The video from this presentation is posted here -


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