Deceivers 4392 Offseason Swerve

After a few years of discussing it, we decided to give moving sideways a try.

We toyed with designing a swerve similar to 2910 / Swerve Drive Specialties and also one based on Stryke Force’s swerve but were eventually inspired by Killer Bees 2019 off season swerve design that was posted earlier this off season and decided to give it a try.

Link to the onshape CAD is posted below and a link to the software will be added soon, but it is just based on Stryke Force’s ThirdCoast drive.

It is designed to be compatible with NEOs and miniCIMS, although the miniCIMs end up close to the ground so your millage may vary. The practice one we built this offseason is 18in x 18in and uses miniCIMs and old motor controllers we had laying around. The modules and wheels for testing were printed with ABS by one of our sponsors, Bay Mills Community College. If used during the season we plan on printing them on their MarkedForge.

OnShape Link:

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Looks good!

Just out of curiosity, did you notice any significant wear on the ABS 3D printed parts? If so, after how much run-time and where? Thanks!


We not have noticed much wear yet but haven’t run it a ton yet and most driving hasn’t been super demanding. The abs prints are 100% infill although I think we could have gotten away with less. We will probably have more time on it in the next 2 weeks so I’ll update you after some more testing.

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