Deciphering Ginger

Posted by Erin at 1/27/2001 4:39 PM EST

Other on team #65, Huskie Brigade, from Pontiac Northern High School and GM Powertrain.

Ok people… Let’s break this DOWN!

(Got snowed in today, had a lot of time to think).

Ginger- A model who was stranded on a desert island after Gilligan and the SKipper screwed up- much more than a three hour tour. Could this be some type of sea device that can transport one person (I.T.- Individual Transport) or more people over the sea in a short period of time, therefore, being revolutionary because it can come in handy at problematic times much like something Ginger on the island would have used to travel back to land…hence the code name?

Here’s one not pertaining to the name Ginger but I.T.- Individual Transport, by way of the same technology used to power the skateboard in back to the future 2? (Sir Alex, I give credit to you for this nice insight, you silly engineer)

Ginger (from Websters’ Handy College Dictionary)- “A tropical herb with a hot, spicy root, used in cooking and in medicine.” Maybe it is something pertaining to medicine?

I.T.- A mass take on the acronym- Individual Transport, (this could be helpful to large cities). Maybe it is very low on pollution and could decrease traffic buildup. Hey, and you can dissasseble it and carry it into work with you on your back. MOVE OVER, CHROME RAZORS!!

Just a few thoughts…
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Posted by Robby at 1/28/2001 4:59 PM EST

Other on team #108, The SigmaC@Ts, from AIFL and Motorola.

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Posted by Erin on 1/27/2001 4:39 PM EST:

Umm… Perhaps Dean just likes naming things like us unable to count floridians do. We name our hurricanes Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl/Boy… If FRED was the code name for his wheelchair, next rockin invention logically goes to…

Then again, using the above logic. Lessee. Fred. Fred was a flintstone. He wore no shoes. He traveled over rough terrain, and being a cartoon had great balance even with stacks of dishes balanced on each appendage… Wait. That explains the wheelchair. Heh… Oh, and dont take my humor harshly. I tend to get this way when I’ve been up for over 24 hours. B^P

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