Decorating your house with old field parts/game pieces

So every year after field tear down Battle of the Bay let’s teams take home field elements and game pieces. I’m not sure if this happens in any other regions, but it’s led to some interesting happenings. We’ve had robots use parts of old fields as structural or design elements on their robot (when you see someone pulling up with the side of their robot made of the airship plexi you know things are about to get serious), and I’m sure lots of other shenanigans have happened. So my question is what have you done with old game pieces or field elements?

I have a wall of game pieces. Included are a 2019 hatch panel from battle of the bay and a gear a cheesy poof handed me at festival of champions. I also have wayyy too much fuel, but who doesn’t? I also have a cargo that my team popped with our climber in 2019.

In our shop we have a stack of power cubes (and will sometimes use them for storage), lots of toted for storage, and a recycling can we put power cells/boulders/fuel/cargo in.

I just obtained a bag full of power cells (to play dodgeball with my non-existent friends) and I may or may not have the color wheel… Any suggestions for what to do with that one? Thinking of turning it into a coffee table in my living room. I could make a ball pit out of power cells… Lots of potential.


String twinkle lights through the whiffle ball holes and use them to decorate your porch or bushes.


Omg omg omg. That’s absolutely incredible. Puts my newfound color wheel coffee table to shame haha. I was joking about making the HAB into a bed but this… Absolutely incredible. I initially thought when we first saw them that the cargo ship was gonna be for human players but like, you brought this to a whole other level haha. I love the storage, the bed, literally everything about this and when I grow up I want to make furniture out of old game pieces to have around my house/workshop. I smiled so much while watching this THANK YOU for sharing.

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Not quite field parts, but I like this little organization:

One part is particular was definitely on the field when it shouldn’t have been though…


Bumper pillows are nice for the 12 minutes they’re allowed to stay in the living room.


That is absolutely amazing!


i keep whatever i can as momentos.
i have one side of our claw from 2011, a moon rock, and some other stuff here and there.
keep them on the wall with the medals and such.

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