Decrypting 2008 documentation

For anyone who wants to read and print the documentation, but is against installing software from companies who secretly track customers private data(adobe), there are open source alternatives.

“jPDF Tweak” is a java based, GPL licensed editing tool that can be used to do many things to manipulate pdf documents (remove encryption, changing page sizes, merging multiple documents, converting to n-up.) This is very helpful for preparing documents for printing.
“Sumatra PDF” is fast, compact and GPL licensed pdf reader. This is very helpful for viewing and printing documents.

Maybe in the future FIRST will stop forcing us to rely on closed source software, but for now, this is one more part of the competition that can be done with open source.

I’ve been using Foxit reader–free from:

for a while now. It successfully decrypted the 3rd game hint. Foxit is not open source, but it does not have the annoyances of the adobe software.

anyone know how or what to use to decrepit it on a mac i opened it and just got a blank white page in preview. Just wondering (first build season with a mac)

I don’t know if there are any alternatives, but you can download Adobe Reader here.

After that, right click on the file, open with, other. Select Adobe Reader and click on the “always open with” option.

If you’re talking about Finder, Leopard shows a preview of a white page with a lock on the decryption test. I loaded it in, where it showed a red screen prompting me for the password. Once entered, the PDF appears as normal until you close the window; this worked the same way on Tiger.

really? cause when i open it in it just gives me a white screen?

I had the same problem. I downloaded Adobe Reader 8 and it worked fine.

ok ill try that.