Deep Impact Mission

Real cool. One week to go. Really big 4th July fireworks, brought to you by NASA.

Check out the video.

Not if this person has anything to say about it… Someone is suing NASA because it “affects their religious beliefs”. Lawsuit

That’s odd given how unfriendly some celestial bodies have been to mother Russia in the past.

The article itself is contridictory in nature. I can’t figure out if they are using explosives or are using explosive force. The lady seems mistaken.

Explosive force. theyre not planning on blowing up the comet… just running straight into it and seeing what happens. :smiley: its interesting…

Here is the Fact Sheet for the mission and if you want more information, check out the website: Deep Impact.

i feel kind of bad about the lawsuit… but i dont think its going to stop it from happening. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a government agency, has put a lot of money into this project… its for valid research to see what the heck is really in a comet, and its an excellent oppotunity we arent sure when we’ll have again. :cool:

i just read about it…it’s a pretty cool idea… how else to learn from those great celestial bodies…

the lawsuit is silly though…no offense to anyone here… but i mean come on someone can say anything they want affect their “religious belief” if they really wanted too…just think a bit and something can be thought of…

it’s kinda ironic for it to be happening on July 4th…lol…

happy independence day to all…

That wasn’t an accident. :slight_smile: The same thing was also true for the Mars Pathfinder landing on July 4, 1997.

Every now and then, orbital mechanics, Newton, spacecraft launch opportunities, and the Gregorian calendar all conspire to produce interesting results!


If you’re going to have fireworks, I can’t think of a more appropriate day.

At least we don’t have to worry about burning down the neighborhood with this display!

Its kinda cool that they are having it on July 4th, but at the same time it stinks for mission control who have to go to work on a National Holiday. I hope there will be some excelent footage because this SOAP stuff is getting a bit over used.

Oooh, I like spectroscopy. Maybe NASA does need chemists in the future… :rolleyes: I wish I could see the impact with a telescope, but in Phoenix we don’t get much of a night sky. If only it were fall and I was in Flagstaff…

Yeah, this woman’s “sincerity” seems a wee bit tainted by her desire to also recover $311 million from NASA in “moral” damages.

Yeah, I’m guessing that no one’s morals are that pricey.

I’m watching it live - this is darn exciting!

props to NASA for “hitting the exact point” they wanted! :cool:

I’m watching too. It is pretty cool to hit a target like that (comet) because they don’t have a motion as regular as something like a planet right? Plus they are not as big and not as round.

And next they plan to land on one right?

EDIT: I think I hear one of the engineers who helps us talking and laughing in the background. :slight_smile:

Score another triumph for science courtesy of NASA and all that were involved with the Deep Impact Mission! The impactor has scored a direct hit and the early images are extraordinary! I have been watching NASA TV all night and I must say I am astounded. It is a great day for science and engineering! Now this is what I call the ultimate autonomous programming!

Just fantastic. Amazing that NASA has hit a very small, fast moving target in space compared to other objects out there. Waiting for hi-res pics to be posted.

[Edit] gasp Absolutely beautiful image of the blowout was just shown on NASA TV. [/Edit]

I heard them say that Hubble is watching this event as well. I can’t wait until we get to see those images.

Awesome, Awesome job. The pictures on the NASA sight are great, but I wish we had NASA tv. I’ll have to put NASA tv on my holiday wish list.

If you don’t get NASA-TV on your television, you can watch it via the web in either RealPlayer or Windows Media formats.