Deep Space CD Edition Signups Close At 8:00 AM

Hello all. Welcome to the very first Deep Space CD game! I was inspired by seeing that someone created a deep space board game, so I figured, why not an CD game?
So here we go. This is my first time doing this, so please don’t expect perfection. Rules may change, although I don’t expect it to change overly much.

Moderators @Mr.Mascot and @JKBear331
How to Play
You are your team. You can choose your team name and number. There are a few numbers. First come, first serve. So claim 254 early. To begin, you create your own robot. You choose your drive-base, and you choose how much focus you put into various mechanisms, such as hatch mechanism, cargo intake, and climbing. You have an limited amount of points, so choose wisely. These cannot be changed later. After the robot is created, we have the competition! You can view the rules below. Please send tips and criticisms. Have fun, and stay GP.

Before the competition, you must first design your robot. You will choose your drivebase, and then choose how many points to put into each individual mechanism. Each point will make that mechanism better according to the description. Choose wisely, because everything you pick will have an direct impact on the competition. Things will break, things will fail, and your robot may spin in circles. It’s part of the fun!

First, select your drivebase.
Swerve(+3 speed, +3 agility, +1 counter-defense, -3 reliability, -2 defense)
Western(+3 speed, -2 agility, +1 counter-defense, +3 reliabilty, +2 defense)
Mecanum(+1 speed, +2 agility, -2 counter-defense, +1 reliability, -3 defense)

Then, invest your points into various mechanisms. 10 points per mechanism max.
Hatch Mechanism (Each point increases speed, and efficiency for hatch grabbing and placement.)

Cargo Mechanism: (Each point increases speed, and efficiency for cargo grabbing and placement.)

Elevator:(Each point increases your speed and reliability of the elevator for hatch and cargo placement of higher levels)
Note: You can choose to not have a elevator, but you will only be able to place on the cargo-ship, and level one of the rocket.

Defensive ability/counter-defense:(Each point increases your ability to defend other robots, and counter other defensive bots.)

Climber:(Each point adds 20% chance of a successful level 2 climb, and 10% chance of a successful level 3 climb.)

Vision: (Each point increases speed and efficiency during sandstorm and while grabbing and placing hatches. Cargo placement is also more efficient.)

Reliability:(Each point increases your drivetrain, and overall durability. Mechanisms are less likely to break, if you have more reliability points)

You can put 50 points total into your mechanisms.


Example Stats

Hatch Mechanism: 8
Cargo Mechanism:7
Elevator: 7
Defensive ability/Counter-defense: 5
Climb: 9
Vision: 6
Reliability: 8

Total: 50

The competition will closely resemble actual FRC competitions.

Rankings will be the same as normal competitions. 2 RP for winning, 1 for tying, and 0 for losing. Two additional ranking points are available by filling a rocket,
and/or getting 15 climbing points.

Points will also be the same as FRC Deep Space. Please consult 2019 game rules for scoring.

Each team will get four matches. Prior to the match, you will talk to your alliance in a PM, and discuss strategy. After discussing, each alliance will submit a list of alliance priorities,
and each team will submit a list of individual priorities.

Alliance Priorities


  1. Placing hatches.
  2. Scoring cargo.


  1. Filling right rocket.
  2. Scoring Cargo.
  3. Scoring Hatches.

level 3, level 2, level 2.

Individual Priorities

Preload: Hatch

Score hatch on right level 1 rocket.


  1. Fill right rocket.
  2. Score hatches.
  3. Score cargo.
  4. Defense.

Level 3.

For the match, the moderators will simulate the match. It will be split into five sections. Sandstorm, 45 seconds, 30 seconds, another 30 seconds, and Endgame.
The moderators will simulate the match according to the robots ability, strategy, and chance.

Example Match

Red alliance:
Robot 1 and 2 launch off Level 2.
Robot 3 sits for five seconds, and then putters off level 1.

Robot 1 places a hatch on the right rocket level 1.
Robot 2 places a hatch on the cargo ship, but it falls of.
Robot 3 spins in circles.

Blue alliance:
Robot 1 launches off Level 2.
Robot 3 goes off Level 1.
Robot 2 remains motionless for sandstorm.

Robot 1 places a hatch on the cargoship, and then goes back to the loading station to get another hatch.
Robot 3 tries to put a cargo in the cargoship, but misses.

45 seconds:
Red alliance:
Robot 1 places three hatches and one cargo in the right rocket.
Robot 2 places one hatch on the right rocket, and two cargo in the cargo ship.
Robot 3 dies for 20 seconds, and then comes back to life. It then goes and plays defense against blue.

Blue alliance:
Robot 1 places 2 hatches on the rocket, and drops 2 hatches.
Robot 2 Places 2 cargo, before being heavily defended. No game pieces were scored after being defended.
Robot 3 remains dead.

Red alliance:
Robot 1 attempts a level three climb, and is successful.
Robot 2 tries to place hatches too long, and doesn’t arrive at the hab before the time expires.
Robot 3 attempts a level two climb, but falls off in the last five seconds.

Blue alliance:
Robot 1 attempts a level three climb, but falls off breaking the climber.
Robot 2 parks on level one.
Robot 3 parks on level one.

End Result
The winner is the RED ALLIANCE!!!
Red Alliance: 85. 3RP
Blue Alliance: 41. 0RP
New Rankings
Team 1: 1st ↑
Team 2: 3rd ↑
Team 3: 2nd ↑
Team 4: 9th ↓
Team 5: 11th ↓
Team 6: 12th ↓

After the matches there will be playoffs. It will follow the same path as normal competitions, with two exceptions. There will be four alliances instead of the normal
eight, and alliance captains cannot invite other alliance captains. The alliance captians will submit a pick list, and each robot will be chosen according to the pick
list. If invited, you will automatically accept.
Example pick list:

  1. Team 2
  2. Team 8
  3. Team 5
  4. Team 7


  1. Team 2
  2. Team 3
  3. Team 1
  4. Team 9

Playoffs will go 1st seed vs 4th seed. 2nd seed vs 3rd seed. Winners will go against each other, and winner gets a “virtual blue banner.”

That’s it. It may sound complicated, but it could be very fun. We need at least twelve players to begin, so please enter on the poll below.

  • I’ll play
  • I’ll backup
  • No thanks.

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  1. typeusernamehere 254: The Off-Brand Cheetos
  2. thequackmaster 107: Team reaching out and building others together in christ service
  3. Darthtabor 6911: LED Lads
  4. EricKline 2412: Robototes
  5. GoalkeeperBoss 420: Party Time
  6. Thomas_the_choo 2471: Mean Team
  7. Typeusername v2 1114: Simple Bots
  8. Kaitylynmm569 5943: TGTTS
  9. Sergeantspork: 971: Spartan Robotics
  10. Gellnick 100: Wildhats
  11. Squirrel 2411: The Rebel @lliance
  12. The Flash: 8085: Meme Team


  1. Evan S.

254: The Off-Brand Cheetos


107: Team reaching out and building others together in christ service


6911: LED Lads


2412: Robototes


420: Party Time


2471: Mean Team


Proposal for everyone. We could start now, and only have 2 alliances in the playoffs.

Sure. Or wait and let teams field up to two bots

Okay let’s plan on it starting tomorrow at 2019-10-03T15:00:00Z I will send out PM’s to everyone, and you will begin by submitting your drive-train and and robot stats.

How man teams can we field. Can I also field 1114: SimpleBots?


5943: TGTTS

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You might want to make your post a wiki so you can edit it after 24 hours

How do I do that?

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If the signups don’t get filled I’ll add 2590: BFF

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I guess I’m gonna claim 971: Spartan Robotics.


Thanks for taking care of that @typeusernamehere

Are signups still open?

If so 2411: The Rebel @lliance