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He’s not controlling 1114. The alliance is.

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it should be 2 out of 3 instead of 1 match

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@Mr.Mascot @JKBear331 if we beat @typeusernamehere will he gain control of 1114?

um… yes.


Ok cool

Who be ready for Semifinals? Cause they about to start!!!

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Welcome everyone to the very first Chiefy Champs PLAYOFFS!!!

To begin, we’ll be seeing the number 2 alliance taking on the number 3 alliance. It’s a winner-take all, win or go home battle. Let’s meet our competitors.

On the #2 and Red Alliance, we start with some stinky, moldy cheese. The off-brand CHEETOS!!! 254.

We also have the meanies themselves. The Mean Team!!! 2471.

Lastly, we got TGTTS. I believe this stands for Today Gonna Take Time and Surrender. 5943.

On the #3 and Red Alliance, have the alliance captain, just like the newly released, “Untitled Duck Game” They’re gonna quack their way to victory, T.R.O.A.B.O.T.I.C.S!!! 107.

Secondly, we got a team that had their team leave them and go to another alliance. It’s okay though, cause their alliance partners took over, and it’s one of the scariest bots in the competitions. Their name is simple, but there’s nothing simple about their robot. It’s the SIMPLEBOTS!!! 1114.

Lastly… and least. Sorry guys. They’ll blind their opponents with pure skill and LED’s of course. LED Lads!!! 6911.

Match will be starting shortly.


Ding Ding Ding. Sandstorm has begun!!!

Red Alliance:
254: 254 starts on lvl 2. With their semi-impressive vision, they are able to place one hatch on the rocket, and then grab another hatch before sandstorm ends. They may have been able to place the second hatch, but 5943 was in the way.

5943: 5943 comes off lvl 2, and moves over to the rocket. They place a hatch on level 2 of the rocket, but that’s all their able to do considering their low vision.

2471: 2471 comes off level 1, and then drives to the cargo-ship. They place a hatch on the front, netting 5 points. They aren’t able to get another hatch, however.

Blue Alliance:
107: 107 starts off by driving off level 2. They start going for the cargo-ship. They left 3 slots without null-hatches, so it makes sense. He places one hatch on the side, and then moves to grab another hatch. They aren’t able to grab a second hatch when sandstorm ends.

1114: 1114 is FAST!!! They fly off level 2, and drive over to the right rocket. With their incredible speed and vision, they place two hatches on the bottom of the rocket.

6911: 6911 comes off level 1, and goes to the front of the cargo-ship. They place one hatch, but that is all they are able to do in sandstorm.

Current Scores:
Red: 24
Blue: 29

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45 Seconds:

Wed Awwianse:
254: 254 places the last hatch on the bottom of the rocket. They then move on the cargo-ship. With their speedy cargo mechanism, they place 4 cargo in the first 45 seconds and have one cargo ready to go. This leaves just 3 cargo and one hatch left on the cargo-ship.

5943: Although 5943 doesn’t have a great sandstorm, they sure are fast in teleop. They finish hatching up the rocket(4 hatches) and place one cargo in the rocket.

2471: 2471 comes over to play defense on 1114, but 107 sees them coming and stops them. 107 is a powerful counter-defense bot, and stops 2471 from playing any defense.

Bwue Awwianse:
107: 107 sees 2471 coming to play defense, so they quickly go over and stop 2471 from doing anything. They are successful in their venture, and prevent 2471 from playing any defense.

1114: Without any defense, 1114 is free to fly. They place 2 more hatches in tandem with 6911. They also place 3 cargo in the rocket.

6911: To help 1114 with the rocket, they place 2 hatches on the rocket, and 2 cargo as well. This leaves just one cargo to have a full rocket.

Current Scores:
Red: 49
Blue: 52

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60 Seconds

Red Alliance:
254: 254 finishes the cargo ship in 25 seconds. He then switches with 2471 on defense. Although 107 is still playing counter-defense, he has a great defense, so he is able to play a little bit of defense on 1114.

5943: 5943 finishes the rocket single-handedly in 40 seconds. 5943 then moved on to the right rocket along with 2471. When 5943 came, he grabbed two cargo, and placed them on the bottom level. He had another cargo ready, for when 2471 will place another hatch on the second-level.

2471: 2471 continued to try to play defense, until 254 told him to switch. He then came back and went to the right rocket. He had 35 seconds until the end-game, and he made the most of his time. He placed 3 hatches on the rocket, and was grabbing another hatch when the end-game began.

Blue Alliance:
107: 107 continues to play counter-defense. When 254 comes over, he struggles a little bit more, because 254 is a better defense bot. However, he is still able to match 254 and is able to make his defensive efforts practically useless.

1114: 1114 places the final cargo, and then moves on to rocket 2. In the 55 seconds he has, he goes level by level. He finishes the bottom level, (2 hatches and 2 cargo), and also places hatches on the second level.

6911: Once the rocket is finishes, 6911 moves on to the cargo ship. There are lots of point possibilities on the cargo-ship, so 6911 moves quickly. He places the three final hatches first, and then moves on to cargo. He also places three cargo in the cargo ship.

Current Scores:
Red: 87
Blue: 84

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Red Alliance:
254: 254 continues to play defense until the last 15 seconds. He then goes back for a level 3 climb, but something unexpected happens. 107 comes over to play defense. 107 blocks the hab from 254. It is basically a stalemate, but 254 gets around with 5 seconds left. They attempt the climb, but there’s not enough time for the climb, and he sits on level 1 when the match ends.

5943: 5943 works with 2471 on the rocket. After 2471 places another hatch, 5943 places a cargo on the second level. He also is able to place one hatch on the top level of the rocket, before climbing to level 2 on the hab.

2471: 2471 places one hatch, and one more cargo before climbing to level 2.

Blue Alliance:
107: 107 continues the counter-defense, and then goes over to try to prevent 254 from climbing. When 254 gets past them, they dash for their level 1. They speed across the field, and get on level 1 just as the match ends. It’s unclear whether they are completely on level 1 or not.

1114: In endgame, 1114 doesn’t have a climber, so they continue with their teleop plan. They switch over to the cargo-ship and place the final three cargo. They also place one cargo in the rocket, before parking on level 1 of the hab.

6911: 6911 moves on to a level 2 climb at the start of endgame. They then turn left, and climb to level 3 successfully.
Current Score:
Red: 112
Blue: 111(not counting 107 climb)

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Final Score

Final Score:
Red: 112
Blue: 114

Congrats to the #3 Alliance for moving on!!!



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Welcome to the second and final match of the day. It’s semifinal #2 with our first and fourth alliance. Let’s meet our competitors.

Red and 1st alliance:
Prepare to laugh your head-off. They aren’t dead like vines yet. They’re still very much alive and kicking just like Fortnite… actually. Fortnite is dying… well 8085 isnt. They’re team MEMES!!!

Secondly, we got some crazy on your head. Big and small, orange and black, and ready to win. WILDHATS!!! 100.

Lastly, and actually they did finish last. They’re ready to party. Ready to get moovin and groovin, team 420 PARTY TIME!!!

Blue and 4th alliance:
They may be 4th, but they’re not out of this yet. Get ready.
Starting with the alliance captain. Straight from Star Wars. They don’t stick with the status quo. They are ready to revolt, and take back the capital. It’s the Rebel @lliance!!! 2411

Secondly, we got 2411’s number neighbor. They got totes, they got robots, they’re the ROBOTOTES!!! 2412.

Lastly, THIS IS SPARTA!!! They’ll be chanting, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!!” Oh wait… that’s a different movie… um it’s 971 SPARTAIN ROBOTICS!!!

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Ding Dong Sandstorm has started!!!

Red Alliance:
8085: 8085 flys off level 2 and heads to the cargo-ship. They are extremely fast in sandstorm, and are able to place 2 hatches on the side of the cargo-ship before sandstorm ends.

100: 100 has another good sandstorm as well. They place one hatch on the top of the rocket, and have another hatch ready to place.

420: After 100 moves away, 420 goes off level 2, and places a hatch on the front of the cargo-ship. They then get ready to play defense.

Blue Alliance:
2411: 2411 places a hatch on lvl 2 of the rocket, and then grabs another hatch. They are able to block the cargo slot on the front of the cargo-ship, and place the hatch immediately after sandstorm ends.

2412: 2412 drives of lvl 2, and moves to the right side of the cargo-ship. They place 1 cargo in the side of the cargo-ship, and have one more cargo in their grasp when sandstorm ends.

971: 971 drives off lvl 1, and places a hatch on the right front of the cargo-ship.

Current Scores:
Red: 32
Blue: 30

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45 Seconds

Red Alliance:
8085: 8085 begins doing their thing. They place 2 hatches and 2 cargo on the bottom of the rocket. They also grab a cargo, and place it in the cargo-ship.

100: 100 begins working on the left rocket. They finish hatching the rocket, and place 1 cargo before the first 45 seconds are done.

420: 420 goes over to play defense. He originally tries to go against 2411, but 2412 blocks him.

Blue Alliance:
2411: 2411 begins doing the thing they are good at. They begin hatching the rocket, and they also place the final hatch missing from the cargo-ship. They place 4 hatches on the rocket, leaving only one hatch left.

2412: 2412 quickly places the cargo in their mechanism, and then play counter-defense against 420.

971: While 2411 is hatching the left rocket, 971 is working on the right rocket. They’re going hatch hatch cargo cargo on each level. Although they were a third pick, they are still very fast. They finish the bottom level, and place 1 hatch on the lvl 2.

Current Score:
Red: 54
Blue: 52

60 Seconds

Red Alliance:
8085: 8085 continues doing what they do. They place 5 cargo, and one hatch on the cargo-ship. They then move on to the right rocket. They place 1 hatch before the endgame begins.

100: 100 finishes the rocket(4 cargo), and then moves on to the other rocket. They place one hatch on the bottom of the rocket when the endgame starts.

420: 420 continues trying to play defense. Although they are a great defense bot, they are still going against incredible counter-defense bots, and they can’t do much.

Blue Alliance:
2411: 2411 places the final hatch, and switches with 2412. They then begin playing counter-defense against 420.

2412: Once 2411 switches, they begin placing cargo in the rocket and cargo ship. Whatever is faster and easier. In the 55 seconds they have, they place 6 cargo. 4 in the cargo ship, and two in the rocket.

971: 971 continues on the rocket. In the sixty seconds, they place 3 final hatches, and 3 cargo in the rocket. They have one final cargo ready to place when the endgame
Current Score
Red: 88
Blue: 87

Filler for @Mr.Mascot.
Wait how did you post 4 posts?

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