Deep Space Cheesecake Recipes

I haven’t seen too much on cheesecake this year so I figured we would go ahead and share 1720’s. If your team is struggling to get a hatch mechanism going, this seemed to work pretty well and can be made in a few hours. It’s a simple 4-bar linkage with a scoop shape on the front that can remove hatch panels from the feeder station and score on all of the low hatch levels. It only uses 1 motor as well and doesn’t require pneumatics, making it easy to implement for all teams.

You can bolt this about an inch or so off the edge of your kit of parts frame perimeter and be fine to clear the bumpers when you extend out.

Limit switches can be wired in to set the 2 travel positions and are wired directly into the motor controller that’s located on the unit. The idea is to give this to a team, run a wire for power, assign a joystick to it and go get some hatch panels.

Speed-wise we used a BAG through a 100:1 versaplanetary, with an 18T to 42T belt reduction, but you can use whatever you have on-hand to get the speed where you need it to be.

CAD can be found here - Inventor 2018 files and a .STP file. Use as needed and change hole sizes to match whatever hardware you use. We used mostly 1/4-20 bolts with washers for the pivot points.

Here are a few videos demonstrating how it should work -

Picking up from the feeder:

Scoring the hatch:

If anyone else has a good cheesecake recipe, feel free to share it here. Let’s help raise the floor at all our events this season!


With all the 4-bar climbers I thought this was a cheesecake version of that. I was going to say no way would that lift a robot! This is what happens when today is bag day…

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It has a throttle motor on it in CAD! Of course it can lift the robot :slight_smile: /s

We did try it with a throttle motor. It worked, just not as well as the BAG motor.

I saw the physical part before CAD. Round black motor on a 4-bar? Looks like a mini-CIM to me!

Other than my lack of sleep, looks like a good, solid mechanism for cheesecake!

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