Deep Space Game Model


All models are wrong. Some models are useful. I hope you find this model useful.

Excel worksheet that models this year’s game. Input individual task times and see scores for various approaches, relative values, sensitivities, etc.

Assumptions are noted. Model is for teleop and end game only.

This worksheet is protected except for changing the time inputs (green). This is done to prevent accidentally mucking it up. You can unprotect under “Review” and clicking “Unprotect.”

FRST 2019 v3.xlsx (17.2 KB)


Your times are to high for end game. HB1 2seconds, HB2 4.5seconds, HB3 Max 15seconds- Min 10seconds.

                                                                             Thank you
                                                                             Mentor Mac


You are free to change those numbers in the model. That’s what’s great about what we have here: you can play with the numbers any way you wish.


even with those changes, hatch and ball with HAB 2 is only 1 point behind hatch and ball with HAB 3. That’s still interesting.