Deep Space in a Nutshell

Based upon the fact we need 65 feet of Velcro per each half field (according to FIRST’s shopping list posted recently) this is my theory for how scoring for the game may play out. Imagine shooting a bunch of tennis balls onto a rectangle of this stuff!

Of course, I could be completely wrong on this, so I’d love to hear everyone’s theories!

All I can think of is

I noticed also it had 14 feet of reflective tape, which could be nothing, but combine that with the fact that FIRST has a new volunteer position designated for scoring, which leads me to believe we have a shooting game on our hands.

And the fact that this random tennis ball floated through frame when the LL video was released…

Idea from another mentor:

Endgame = make all human players run across the field wearing a Velcro-covered vest. The one who makes it out with the fewest tennis balls stuck to them gets 1 RP.

Sounds like a great mentor stress relief game for those last few weeks of build season… :smiley:

link, anyone?

I think the hook is to affix stuff to the floor, but…

At 2" wide it would take 60ft of hook to cover a 2’ by 5’ target.
That would also be a 14ft perimeter for the reflective tape.

I would question how well hook would hold up over the course of an event if it was being used as target for tennis balls.

I might be wrong but I can’t recall them specifying velcro for team systems to connect to the floor in the past. They typically don’t mention carpet at all and that ends up biting new teams who don’t know to tune PID or auto routines on carpet because it behaves differently than other surfaces.

So, the exact opposite of Lunacy. I dig it.

They also haven’t given out a pre-Kickoff supplies list in the past either. They seem to be working harder on the specs for the team versions this year.

I remember at the Suffield Shakedown scrimmage for Stronghold, it was common for the wooden defenses to not stay in place. If there are Strongholdish obstacles to cross this year (or whatever), they may recommend applying the hook tape to help keep them steady as robots interact with them. They did say that teams might not necessarily want or need all the pieces on the list, but that they might be helpful for closest-to-the-real-field experience.

Or maybe the hook tape is one of the obstacles, and robots will be required to have loop tape on their wheels…

Consider this as well: FIRST was founded 30 years ago, the first FRC game was Maize Craze. The main scoring element in that game? Tennis balls. It would be a really cool throwback to FIRST’s humble beginnings :]

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Here you go! After seeing this, I am 95.7% sure that tennis balls will be the game pieces for Deep Space. ::rtm::

where was this posted?

Posted on the FRC blog here.

considering that to make the reduced field all the quantities are basically halved, I think theres going to be two of everything, or at least everything will have midline symmetry… this means that if the goal is completely velcro the max dimensions it can be is approx a 2 foot square in order to have two of them.

Make of that what you will :slight_smile:

Intriguing deduction.

Maybe the endgame will be require your robot to do something like this

Actually… I think you’re onto something with that! Maybe a new incarnation of the mini bots from 2011 but climbing up a wall of Velcro rather than a pole?

Was I the only one that saw a leaked field and noticed the low angle of the new raptor matches the low angle of the middle crater?