Deep Space is going to be ruined by Defence

I don’t see how “bullying” makes sense in context. When Tom Brady gets sacked, we don’t say he was bullied. If the defender got up in his face afterwards or started shoving him, then yes (and said defender would be penalized).
There’s already rules about intentionally damaging robots (which I would classify as “bullying”). If you wanna talk about whether high speed ramming fits that definition that’s one thing, but calling defensive tactics that are within the bounds of the rules as a word carries a lot baggage is only going to confuse people.


That’s all fair, though the amount of baggage the word carries may vary by region.

I definitely wouldn’t say ‘bullying’ is a better word to use than defense, if that’s what you thought I meant.

You could call it “counter-offense”

Frankly, I would call it defense.

I really was just trying to avoid saying the MC shouldn’t have said what he said.

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You guys played amazing defense this weekend, truly the best defensive bot there. After seeing what you guys can do, I’m scared of what more aggressive teams will do to our own robot at higher levels of play.

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If you want the REAL truth… after Final 1 we heard from our strategic advisors (the internet) that defense was important, so 148 defended 1817 almost the whole match. They didn’t score any points and we won!

Elite defense, FTW.


AFAIK Robotics is not a sport. If we want to make the same analogy with sports, with the exception of American Football and Rugby, there is no other (that I know of) sport that purposely allows you to touch players, let alone hit them or break their legs, hands, ribs, etc. You can take the game piece (ball) away from them but you’re not allowed to break them. You get “fault”, yellow card, red card, disqualified for a game or even a whole season for injuring a player. Basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc. Here is another example were a robot gets reamed by another robot, several times until its ball intake is broken. – – I’m sorry, but I’m not going to change my mind, unless someone really really proves that this is not a bullying game.

Checking is very much encouraged in hockey, and as long as the hit is clean, any injury that stems from a check is just part of the game.

Olympic wrestling is an entire sport dedicated to touching and grappling your opponent.
Karate, boxing, and MMA are all sports.

For the longest time runners in baseball were allowed to bulldoze through the catcher when trying to reach home plate.

Bumpdrafting is very much a part of nascar (or at least it was when I used to watch it).

These are just the examples I could think of off the top of my head. Get used to physicality; it’s a healthy and vital part of many competitions, and it’s not going away any time soon.

And… students on my team can earn their varsity letter just like any other sport. Isn’t FIRST’s catch-phrase “the varsity sport for the mind”? Seems like a sport to me.


As having a defense bot are selves are goal is not to break other robots but to just stop them from scoring. If a robot breaks from a hit or bump that is just part of the game. If nothing broke there would be no need to hav a pit crew etc.


Wow…your robot never breaks all by itself? Ours sure do!


I mean stuff break but the defense adds a little more adrenaline to the game and gives a little rush of excitement.

If you’d like me to drive down with a practice bot and ram it into yours, Just let me know. :grinning::grin:

You don’t have to drive your robot down here. You can put it in a truck, and drive it after you get here.

Our robots can take turns whacking each other, like two Cossacks in a face slapping contest.


In these games you also don’t send out people who are prone to breaking. If you send out someone with Osteogenesis, don’t blame the opponents for when they break a bone at the slightest touch. You know exactly what the rules are for defense and you should build with that in mind.

The rules for defense are the same for everyone. If you’re going to score a Hatch Panel or Cargo, you can expect that a team will try to hit your side to rotate your robot. That’s basic defense, and if your robot breaks because of it you need to strengthen your robot. It sucks that a defending bot can break other robots with seemingly no penalty, but the alternative is another game like 2015. Every game will have defense (bar 2015), and it’s up to you to build a robot that can withstand it.


I was really curious how fast my robot was. Some people said run it between two tape lines, but i figured i’d drive it to St. Joe and do the math in MPH.

Good luck with changing batteries and keeping the motors from overheating! You should also bring some spare wheels.

Also add basketball, water polo, lacrosse, soccer, and team handball to the list of “contact or collision” sports. All the lists of sports I’ve seen include more full contact, collision, and limited contact sports than non-contact sports.

It’s Michigan in March. We have some pretty good natural coolant in our weather. :slight_smile:


No love for hockey eh


He is just not as enlightened as us

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The strategic concept is still the same. Defense is the act of preventing a score by whatever means the rules allow.

G19. Don’t tear others down to lift yourself up. Strategies aimed at the destruction or inhibition of ROBOTS via attachment, damage, tipping, or entanglements are not allowed.
Violation: TECH FOUL and YELLOW CARD. If harm or incapacitation occurs as a result of the strategy, RED CARD

Though it should be noted you should build your robot to withstand bumper to bumper contact, as that’s expected in normal play. If we straight up ram a robot, it’s generally only going to be once to test if their hatch manipulator has a good grip or as a last-ditch effort to throw them out of alignment while placing a piece.

If your robot is repeatedly ramming others until they break, you’re going to start piling up the cards pretty quickly.

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