Deep Space - The board game

Deep Space the board game is here. Complete rules and graphics available at the link below…

Big thanks to Robokong 2493 mentor, Janet for producing the game.

Our drive team uses this game to discover new strategies.


very cool!

Can we get away with using one die instead of 18, and write down each teams specs instead of putting the dice in the Alliance station? From my reading of the rules it seems fine, am I missing somewhere in the game where the dice come back into play?

Thanks for making and sharing the game!

Definitely. Adapt the game to what works best for you.

Here are some more details of the game in action…

Game pieces - cargo and hatches
Cargo is small balls from mcmaster with tile seperators hot glued on the base.
Hatches are plastic washers. White lines are painted on one side to represent Null Hatches

Robot carrying cargo
Robot is made with Legos

Drive team playing the game, mentors act as referee

Full field view

Cargo ship with cargo, hatches and Null hatches


STEMpunk #4531 has also made a board game similar to this one but with a more DnD style to it

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