deep space = water game?

So deep space was just announced as the theme for the 2019 FRC game.
Mars in in space.
There might be water on Mars.
Water game confirmed!

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How do astronauts train for spacewalks?

That’s right, by swimming in a pool.

Water game confirmed.

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This was exactly our thought at Minute Maid.

I mean between a swimming pool and the 2009 field I would gladly take the swimming pool.

There might be water on us? :ahh:


Mars has water. Therefore water game.

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Mars has ice caps.

Ice is frozen water.

Water game confirmed.

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Comets are mostly ice. Comets are in deep space. Ice game confirmed.

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I’m both scared and excited for the possible return of the regalith

Ice is water ==> Water game confirmed! :smiley:

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Team 842 Falcon Robotics, has been ready for a water game for years! Bring it on!

^^^my thoughts exactly^^^

Our team made buttons that said “2019 Water Games” on them.

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The events that unfolded in Detroit only prove the upcoming water game.

I know what you are all thinking. But how?
Well let me tell you…

Detroit taught us all one thing about FIRST, its favorite number is 27 (see

Now, back to next year’s game, Destination: Deep Space. When you convert each individual character of “DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE” into ASCII, you get 68 69 83 84 73 78 65 84 73 79 78 58 32 68 69 69 80 32 83 80 65 67 69.

Not obvious yet? I’ll continue.
Multiply each one of these numbers together and what do you get. 1404107639660867401254270481294468055040000. Coincidence, I think not!! What? Still don’t see it? Fine, I’ll tell you.

Back to the number 27. When you put 1404107639660867401254270481294468055040000 in base 27, what do you get? You guessed it…497d9hmg597lh7eiimjh3jobllb900. Notice anything fishy about this? You should. See how there are 3 H’s and 1 O. Since a hydronium ion is H3O+, 3 H atoms and an O atom, can decompose into a completely unimportant proton and you guessed it…WATER. 2019 water game confirmed.

Got that right, y’all did fantastic at a water robotics competition in your early years.

You sir, have won Chief Delphi for the day.
Also, have you considered working for Alex Jones? (And I mean that as a compliment)

If this does indeed mean a water game, then we can be sure of one thing:

254 will be good at every faucet of the game

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