Deer Park Browser

Has anyone ever heard of the new Deer Park Browser? Apparently, it is Mozilla’s successor to Firefox.

I accidentally came across this. When I install Firefox, I prefer to install the nightly builds rather than the public downloads made available on the homepage. I reinstalled Windows today, and of course went to download the newest build of Firefox. When I installed it, I was surprised to see it installing a browser I haven’t heard anything about. The browser itself is very similar to Firefox, and I haven’t noticed anything different about Deer Park.

I read up about it on the Mozilla site, and it seems to be in early alpha stages for testing by developers. So all you web guys out there, this is where you step in.

It’s just a codename for their Alpha. Just like Windows Vista’s codename was Longhorn, Firebird… err Firefox 2.0 is codenamed Deer Park.

And note that it is indeed alpha-ish. At least it was the last time I tried it. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Tom.

Yea, like said before Deer Park is definitly in very, very early Alpha stages. I installed it just to mess around with it about a week ago… and let’s just say, its very buggy. But, it’s nice to see they’re starting work on Firefox 2.0. You can also check out the Internet Explorer 7 Beta (if you look in the right places ;)) which is pretty cool… especially now that they’ve finally caught up with pretty much every other browser and added tabbed browsing. However, I think the GUI is still very buggy… the layout is pretty uncomfortable with icons and just a bunch of little things bug me.

I’m curious to see if IE7 can win me back over, but with Firefox 2.0 in the works, that may be hard.