Deer Park Invitational - Off-Season Competition

[font=Arial]Deer Park[/font][font=Arial]High School*[/font][font=Arial] is hosting an off-season competition on Saturday, September 24th, 2005. [/font]


[font=Arial]They will have an official FIRST field for the event and there is a maximum of 24 teams. Entry fee is $250 and the even will run from 9 AM to 5PM.[/font][font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]This is the event that LI has been waiting for, don’t miss out on the action![/font]


[font=Arial]To reserve your spot, or if you have any questions please contact Deer Park Team Leader Chuck Burg at[/font]
[font=Arial]**Deer Park is on Long Island, in New York, incase you are wondering.*[/font]

Congratulations to Long Island, NY’s first Off-Season Competition.
:slight_smile: :cool:

(Do you have more details? example: address, PIT time, parking, availability, spectators (pre-rookies), lunch options etc.)

Hi Rich,

I’m not sure as to all the details. I was just asked to help post information to LI and North East Teams, I’ll contact Chuck Burg and post an update. Thanks for the question, I’m sure a lot of people want to know the same info.


Team 527 right now is planning to attend however, we will have to wait to sign up until after the school budget re-vote to ensure funding and that we will exist =/

Right now it is looking iffy if the budget will pass but we are looking forward to attending :slight_smile:

team 369 will atend

all we need 2 do first is tell all the team members then well sign up

well see u at the competition

Here is the info I have as of right now:

  • So far Hauppuage, Miller Place, Baldwin, West Islip and Deer Park are signed up. EVeryone else will need to e-mail Chuck Burg.

TIME: 9am till 5pm (setup / pit time 7:30-8 AM?)
LOCATION: 30 Rockaway Ave, Deer Park, NY

FOOD: Everything will be reasonable priced (Badgels etc for breakfast and pizza for lunch)

  • Plenty of free parking around the school

  • Open to the public (no admission charge).

  • They hope to make some kind arrangement so that 2006 rookie teams can try their hand at the contest.

  • It really depends on the number of teams who attend,but there will not be much pit time available.

  • All teams will have access to the machine shop.

  • Multpiles of three does not allow much down time.

  • The purpose of this event is to have fun!

  • It is a great opportunity to try new drivers, have fun, great excitement and kickoff the various teams programs.

  • Everyone will on their honor to with in specs (weight, size etc).

I have bin told that team 369 will most defentetly atend
all I wish to know is what other teams will be there becase I do not wont 2 show up unprepared :slight_smile: lol
if any1 can help me and tell me plz post it up or PM me

I know the following teams should be there:
Team 527
Team 514
Team 263
Team 358
Team 369
Team 353
Team 271
Team 1546
Team 871

There could be more, but that is all I have for now.

thanks 4 the info I appreciate it

hey I am back my team wonts 2 know if any new teams signed up

I want to thank Deer Park H.S. and administration, and Chuck Berg the team leader in particular for organizing and carrying off such a great event Saturday. We had a grand time and all our new team members are really excited and eager for the new season after being given the chance to Triple Play!

There were very few field problems, all minor, thanks to the volunteer services of the Field family who drove down from Connecticut and New Hampshire to help out, Gary – field setup and smooth running, Nancy-pit admin and Eric-scoring. Setup on Friday as well as tear down after the event went rapidly with many other teams helping the Deer Park students and adults. 12 schools/teams were in attendance including two rookie teams, Freeport and Comsewogue, using robots borrowed from the veteran schools of Miller Place and Plainview-Old Bethpage.

We had 9 seeding matches, very rapid fire with the number of teams we had competing. A lot of freshmen on all the teams got the chance to drive. In addition to the freshmen only rounds Deer Park announced, we all cycled our freshmen through as match drivers during the regular rounds as well. When it came down to the Finals the six teams were so evenly matched that it took four matches to decide, and even then the final score had a difference of only three points. Trophies were taken home by the Finalists of Team 270 our hosts of Deer Park H.S., Team 353 the Pobots of Plainview-Old Bethpage H.S., and Team 527 Plainedge H.S. Dragons (our partners in winning the 2005 LI Regional).
The winners were Team 514 Miller Place H.S., 358 Hauppauge H.S., and 369 William F. Grady Technical H.S.

My thanks to teams 514 and 369 for building great robots and being terrific partners!

It was a great event, unfortunately Sir Pinski was suffering from a long list of robot ailments all day, blown speed controllers, broken arms, no robot controller…

On that note, I just wanted to congratulate 358, 514 and 369 for their great performance throughout the day.

I’d also like to than 358 for all the help, they gave us tether cables (which will get back to you Mark, I promise :o) robot controller, a speed controller and a backup battery, plus technical assistance since most of our team was unable to attend. They kept us running until our finals matches where our robot suffered from multiple match power failures and we were eliminated. Thanks guys!

[font=Verdana]Yea, it seems like a story I once heard about a Krispy Kreme donut…:rolleyes: [/font]

I would like to thank people who contributed to hold this competition and also to all the teams that partispated in this event. We would also like to thank our partners 358 and 514. We also have team 358’s backup battery. Sorry, in a hurry we forgot to give you guys your backup battery. If we meet in another competition we’ll give it back,lol.

We might be at the Brunswick Eruption after you and Baldwin raved about it.
If we don’t see you there then pass the battery along to some other team in need.