Deer Park Invitational Thank You

First of all, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who made this event run as smooth as possible…the referees, the resetters, the MC/announcer, the queuers, and the volunteer coordinators.

Thank you to the amazing set of queuers…

  • Bharat Nain
  • Michael Iannelli
  • Eric Demaso
    You guys managed to clear a 30 minute time deficit and get us right back on track…thank you!

If anyone has names of other volunteers, please contribute to this thread.

Thank you Janet for giving me the chance to volunteer at this event. I had a boatload of fun.

Now to my understanding, after we left the referees recalled the final decision and the finals went on to a third match…if anyone has this final score and the final winner please let me know!

Here are the eliminations alliances and almost a full eliminations ladder:

  1. 555 + 1751 + 271
  2. 871 + 369 + 270
  3. 1468 + 263 + 353
  4. 1607 + 1546 + 810
    The first teams are seeds 1-4. The second team on each alliance was picked out of a hat in order of alliance 1 to alliance 4. And the third team was drafted in order from 1-4.


Semifinal 1: 2 def. 4 in two matches

  1. 2: 6 - 4: 0

  2. 2: 4 - 4: 0
    Semifinal 2: 1 def. 3 in three matches

  3. 1: 14 - 3: 40

  4. 1: 128 - 3: 40

  5. 1: 38 - 3: 4
    Final: 1 v 2: tied at two, result of rubber match: unknown

  6. 1: 32 - 2: 0

  7. 1: 36 - 2: 38
    Thank you to all the teams that attended the Deer Park Invitational and congratulations to you all. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I shall post up some of the pictures i took later on.

Here are some pictures. More to follow later.


The winners were 871 + 369 + 270
I didn’t hear the offical final score however.

I want to thank all the volunteers that made the event possible, especially, the two who shouldered the responsibility for everything:
Chuck Berg of Deer Park and Janet Anderson, our Regional Director.

Closely followed by Gary, Nancy and Eric Fields, who donated their time and a lot of driving (especially by Eric!) to come to Long Island to supervise the field, pits, and scoring system.

Thanks for a great event!

We would like to thank teams 871 and 270 for making a great alliance. Also thanks to all the volunteers, judges, and everyone else for their time and effort for making it a great event.

Im glad so many people enjoyed the invitational at Deer Park High School
It was a Great Day, great job to all the volunteers and all the teams

  • 270 driver:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: