Default Camera Code Flowchart

Does a flowchart or anything equally useful exist that could explain the Default Camera Code?
If so, please post it for everyone’s benefit.


If we are using camera and not in autonomous mode then…
1: Initialization
Wait 1 second -> Set exposure values (Blink OI if no camera detected and wait) -> Enable auto servo mode

2: User Input (If initialization succesful)
port 2 top: cycles camera servo rotation
port 2 trig: cycles color to be tracked (enables tracking & displays on OI)

3: Tracking (Once initialization completed and trig 2 tapped and trig 1 held)
If we detect color then:
Use auto servo mode’s servo rotation as p1_x
Use speed_control as p1_y
Use these values to simulate 1 joystick driving

Default Drive