Default Code Difficulties

For some reason the default code (V2.2) has the controller mapped funky, inorder to move the robot forward, you have to move the joystick to the right, reverse o the left etc…basically its all rotated 90 degreesoff what it should be… does anybody have a solution to this problem ( note, my and my accomplice are not programmers, if you could also provide a sample of the “corrected” code we would be very grateful.)

I know this is REALLY, REALLY stupid, and sorry in advance for insulting your intellegence, but are you sure you have the joystick in the correct orientation, physically? Seconec, make sure you are using PWM output 1 for the left side, 2 for the right.

the joystick is definatley in the correct orientation ( we already eliminated that possible problem by using last year’s control setup) and in the default code it uses port 13 and 15 not 1 and 2 furthermore the joystick in port one uses pwm outs 1,5,9, 13&14 (same signal) , and 15&16(same signal)

okay we figgured it out. … all we had to do was re wire the motors… i feel like an idiot now… thanks for the help