Default code doesn't seem to match documentation

i have been trying to follow the programming tutorial for labview for first from the documentation on:

one of the first steps says to change the booleans called RightMotorInverted and LeftMotorInverted in the panel; i do not see these variables. has the default code changed since the tutorial was written? is there an updated tutorial?

Have you done all the software updates on this page? The NI update changes the default template, and updates the image used by the crio imaging tool. You need to reformat the crio before the updated default code will work on it.

We found – and changed – those two boolean values without difficulty yesterday. It did take us two tries to get them to match the way our practice drivebase’s motors were wired, but they weren’t hard to find.

i have installed all the updates listed on the page, as well as updating the image on the crio, but i still cannot find those variables. are they directly on the teleop vi?

For Basic Framework - in the Block Diagram for “Basic Robot” on the top left you’ll see them. (I’d recommend not using the Basic template for now- it has a bug that I’m sure a later patch will fix.)

For Advanced Framework - in the Block Diagram for towards the bottom in the center “column” you’ll see them.

Documentation always lags production sw…

When you created your project did you see the choice for Basic vs Advanced framework shown the the right photo below?
If not then you haven’t installed the LabVIEW FRC update.