Default code loading problems

Hello from team 1990,
I have been trying for two days to get the default program to work on our test bot. I have been able to update the classmate both driverstation and labview. I have been able to format the crio both wirelessly and through crossover cable connection. Labview acts as if the program is deploying yet nothing happend on the bot all lights 2 jaguars and green on sidecar, remain flashing. The drivers tation program says no code in the status screen. I have tried running the program in labview instead of deploy both with the run on right click and the arrow. Nothing seems to be effective. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
Team 1990

On the diagnostics tab of the driver station software, what does it say for the cRIO image?

Just to clarify, are you running LabVIEW on the classmate, or on your own computer? Make sure you updated LabVIEW on your own computer.

Team 401 is having the same problem with the cRio. We believe its the communications VI, thanks to the work of our labveiw guru. but we still don’t fully understand how they want us to load the code onto the cRio. we are currently using the 2010 control system. including the Classmate. we are currently using it with the crossover cable though.

I get this same error with c++

I have seen this error in at least 10 other places and normally based on the error it means the c-RIO has not been reimaged to the most current version
for example v5 but ours is version v19 the most current version and we still get the error
i have ran through everything i know about lv (which is quite a bit) and found nothing
has anyone found anything?

p.s. both updates have been installed, the code is the default and the communication and stop button are green