Default Code to Easy C

Does anyone know how to load the Default FRC code into EasyC? I just downloaded the software and obviously haven’t read all the documentation yet.


Team 1296

EasyC allows you to create your own default code. Because easyC is so simple, there was no reason to provide a generic template like the default code. Once you become familiar with the software you will see that it is easier to write your own arcade or tank style drive program (two easyC blocks, a While Loop and RC block) then to edit one we provide, or rewire your robot to match our default settings.

You can still load the FRC default code into the robot from easyC. This option can be found in the ‘Build & Download’ menu under ‘Download default Code’.

Take a look at the “Getting Started” Section in the help file. You can find samples of all the ‘finished’ code from each tutorial chapter in the tutorial folder in easyC.

I wanted to view on the coding of the default code. How can i do so? i need them for some educational purposes. If you have them can you send me? Please send them to this email [email protected]

ok i figured it myself alrdy…