default code vs. 2.4

we tried using the 2.4 default code, which supports the cmucam. The robot didn’t respond to the joysticks or anything. Yet, the bot worked fine (the base of the bot we have finished so far) with vs. 2.2 of the default code (completely unmodified!!!). any suggestions? the electrical wiring has stayed the same. is there a newer vs. of ifi loader I need? I know the 2.4 code supports the cmucam, we didn’t have that hooked up. but it shouldn’t need it hooked up right? appreciate your help, thanks,

You can turn the camera off in 2.4 by opening the project and doing Project->Build Options->Project.

Locate the MPLAB C18 tab in the dialog that pops up and click it. Just click the ‘_USE_CMU_CAMERA’ (or whatever it’s called. It’s obvious) and hit “Remove.” Also make sure hte “Use alternate settings” is unchecked. You’ll be warned by the compiler that there’s a type mismatch with the printfs, but it doesn’t matter. :slight_smile: I think…

If you’re using single-joystick drive, the proper pwm outputs changed between version 2.2 and 2.4 of the default code. Version 2.2 uses pwms 13-16. Version 2.4 uses pwm11 and pwm12.