Default DashBoard and WPI Java Libraries

I have a question on the use of the default dashboard (built on NI LabView) and the default dashboard update code provided as a project with the WPI java libraries. <It’s not about the static method that went away during one of the recent updates, I’m past that now>

Anyway, the problem I am having is that the state of the digital inputs on the sidecar are not correctly represented. The PWM display works correctly, and the Analog display works correctly - but for the 14 channels of digital input the lines don’t match up.

For example, we have the 3 IR Sensors in 1, 2 and 3, and a limit switch in 4. If we manipulate them, we get the values correctly in the code (creating DigitalInput objects mapped to those channels). But in the DashBoard display, the mapping is something like 4 maps to 13, 1 maps to 14, and 2 and 3 don’t show up anywhere (plus 1 and 2 of the display show constantly off).

I’m just wondering what I’m doing wrong and if someone could help point me in the right direction - I’m assuming it’s something wrong with the WPI code for building the update packages, rather than the NI LabView code …

Thanks in advance!