Defective Victor SP's

Hey everybody,

Recently we installed two Victor SP’s on our robot, only to find that they didn’t work. The status LED’s behave normally and change colors as expected, but the motors never spin. We tested with a multimeter and saw that the controllers are getting power but the motors don’t. Luckily, we have extra motor controllers, but have any other teams had this problem?

Henry O’Callaghan

We also have 2 Victor SP motor controllers that appear to be defective out of the box. The symptoms match yours. We’ve just been too busy to do anything about it.

Henry, thanks for also emailing us, you will get a quicker response than just posting on ChiefDelphi. (We keep an eye on here for people who need assistance, but it’s obviously harder to track)

Please contact one of the several support lines for any issues you have, (my email is in my signature) and we’ll get you taken care of.


There was a thread recently where someone noticed that their Talon speed controllers (which are made in a similar fashion to the Victors) had been made with the input power wires reversed (red wire came out of the ground side, black wire came out of the + side). Check to make sure this is not an issue with your controllers as it’s an easy thing to overlook, and very well might cause issues similar to what you described.

Edit: Sniped by Vex.:rolleyes:

Thanks in general for all you provide to FRC. We’ll be sure to reach out to customer support after I’m 100% sure the problem isn’t us.