Defending a Level 3 Climb?


I am searching for a strategy to completely deny another team’s level 3 climb, but through the rules and other teams, all I’m seeing right now is general strafing between the robot and the hab zone, without getting on the opponent’s hab zone or touching an opponent in the hab zone. I’m sure there is an efficient way to defend against another team’s climb, and it would be great to have this by World’s next week, where there will for sure be double and triple climbs. Is there some technicality somewhere that says if ___ , a level 3 climb isn’t possible?


If there was an efficient way, that doesn’t break the rules, it probably would have been seen after 7 weeks of competition. Your only safe bet is to keep a robot on your side of the field.


I agree with @SenorZ. My team (3245) plays defense and, when playing against a team that has a LV3 climb, we would attempt to corner them or force/push them onto our side of the field until there’s too little time for them to climb onto LV3 and they have to result on either not getting a HAB point or parking on LV1.

Although this robot was not a LV3 climbing robot, here’s an example of what I am talking about (start at 2:20, we are blue).

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Exactly. Once they get past the end of their own cargo ship, it’s pretty much impossible to keep them out of the Hab zone without committing a foul, and trying to block them on their side of the field next to the cargo ship is likely to have you contacting a rocket in the last 20 seconds (this is exactly what I’ve seen happen every time that foul is called.) Better to block the way back of a defensive robot on your side of the field if you’re trying to prevent a multiple climb. As long as you keep them tied up long enough, positioning for a successful buddy-climb becomes impossible due to time. That’s about the only option that fits with what I’ve seen during the season.

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Is it a penalty to be in the opponent’s hab without touching another robot in that hab? because then you can block off the front of the lvl 3 platform


No, you can’t touch the HAB

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can you point out the rule for me @Z-Ali ? I mean it’s believable but Im not able to find it in the game manual


I should rephrase my answer: yes, you can park in front of their LV3 platform, but if they touch you that’s just easy points. I just see that as a ‘no, you can’t touch the HAB zone’ to play it safer.


There are ways to defend level 3 climbs. Specifically during elimination matches. During the playoffs the rocket foul in the last 20 seconds no longer exists. As such a team can in theory block another robot from getting to the hab. This is not an easy task as the defensive robot cannot pin as backing away 6 ft opens up an opportunity for the team to get to the hab platform. We successfully stopped 746 climb at ryerson quarter finals twice but a lot of things ended up going in our favour.

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The rocket foul is only called during qualifying rounds so in playoffs you can use that tight passage between the elements on their side to help you defend the climb. One of the best thing this will result in and you as a defender are aiming for when defending a climb is to make them rush it and even the best teams will miss from time to time.


250 has been able to successfully stop a LVL3 climb. I’m not sure how, but according to them they’ve been able to do it.


5126 at Central Illinois. They would stay in between the robot and the HAB platform, but always stayed near the cargo ship to avoid any possible fouls with the HAB or the rocket. Here they are defending against my team (4096) in Central Illinois Qual 49 (2 minutes into the video in the lower righthand corner). If they had kept at it for a little while longer, we would not have been able to finish our climb.

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At PNW District champs, 5468 Chaos theory was able to defend against 2046 Bear Metal leaving them only approximately 5 seconds to climb to HAB 3 (which they did, RIP it cost us finals 1 by 11 points). If it had been another robot, it would have been a successful attempt in my opinion unless the robot that is being defended can get a climb under 5 seconds, which is a seldom few.


Depends on how fast their climb is. Ours only take 9.5 seconds and is fully automated, so it’s really hard to make us rush a climb. Basically, the faster the climb the less likely this is to succeed.


How automated are you when climbing?(line up/pathing to the hab) this and still be rushed and result in teams missing climbs and I pretty confidant to say that you are the anomaly when it comes to fully automated climb.


Just push them to the other side of the field :sweat_smile:

We goofed a bit and could of held them longer so 870 almost gets their climb because of it:


We’re automated from the point that we get onto the L1 platform. From there, the climb to L3 is all on pre-programed automatic. We do have a button to tell the robot how it’s supposed to climb that’s triggered as it is driven into place (i.e., L2 or L3, since it can do either), but once the climb is triggered it goes regardless. The nature of our climbing mechanism required this, since it’s coordinating four independently-driven rack and pinion gears driving the posts of our central carrier wheels and our powered rear wheels. Here we are at FNC Pembroke executing the climb as part of the blue alliance. It starts at about 2:12 in the match video. If you watch the time, we are actually in the zone of credit for the climb at 8 seconds, but the rest of the sequence driving fully onto the L3 platform takes another 1.5 seconds.


In this match, 3494 prevents a very strong climber 7457 from getting their climb, causing blue alliance to win the match. They pretty much just trapped them next to the cargo ship for long enough to prevent the climb. However, they were only able to do this once.

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They also had inadvertent help from 868, who was blocking 7457 from behind and limiting their movement. If 868 had done counter-defense instead, 7457 might have had a chance.


Look for 4476 in elims at Durham, as well as semis 1-1 in Utah. Finals in seven rivers as well as a few other elims matches there are also good examples. Mainly done against 1986 because they use mecanum. The two that work best are blocking them from getting back, or pushing them to your side of the field.