Defending Rule and Penalty

After reading the game manual and consulting Question and Answers, there still remains a question regarding rule G12 (the definition of possession) on our team. As answered to Q82, sticking an appendage in front of the low goal in attempt to block is not illegal. The question that arises is if a robot is trying to push a ball into a low goal but a defensive robot is in the way so that the offensive robot continues to push the ball no where, is the considered “trapping” thus penalizing the defensive robot? Trapping is defined as: “overt isolation or holding one or more BALLS against a FIELD element or ROBOT in an attempt to shield them”. Is the defensive robot HOLDING a ball against a ROBOT? And what are they meaning when they say shielding?

My opinion is worthless at competition,

In my opinion, the other robot is holding the ball against your robot, and that is not trapping or holding.

Just be careful, if they push your appendage IN to the goal. You might end up with a penalty for entering the goal.

Shielding? Just what you think. Using something to keep the ball away from another robot.

If your robot is not the one actively applying force to the ball (of course, according to Newton, your robot is always applying force to the ball…) then I don’t think it can be considered “Trapping”.

I said this on another thread. Play the Robot not the ball when defending.

Using an appendage to block a goal is clearly legal. But should you? Is it “safe” to do so? In the scenario described, the intent of the robot owning the ball is to push it in the goal. So if the blocking bot’s appendage is pushed into the goal it would be a penalty.