Defense 2019 Deep Space?

Defense has been very restricted this year, but there is some wiggle room. First things first, you can’t extend outside frame perimeter which eliminates almost anything you would want to. Pushing around is fine, but if you are pinning a robot for more than 5 seconds then you get a foul. There is one aspect that hasn’t been in the rule which could lead to a bothersome defensive robot. If you park on the rocketship cargo loading area, you are technically not pinning any robot. You are also creating a big gap so you would essentially shut down that rocketship. You could bait a team in quals to go for a rocketship and then when they are almost done, go in and park so they never get the ranking point on time.

Note exception A to C8 (Don’t expect to gain by doing others harm):

does not apply for strategies consistent with standard gameplay, for example:

a. causing an opponent ROBOT to contact your ROCKET during the last few seconds of a MATCH while in the process of trying to place a HATCH PANEL.

Blocking the rocket late could give the rocket RP to the other alliance if they force you to contact the rocket while in a defensibly bona fide attempt to score in it.

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