Defense auto but not in the traditional sense

While crossing the center line is illegal, there are opposing cargo on your side than be moved to slow the opposing alliance.

Especially for the top and center auto positions, there is only one nearby ball of your color to intake, which can be done rather quickly. However, there is two opposing cargo there which can be relocated behind the hub to block sightlines or to the hangar to increase opposing cycle times to make use of the full 15 seconds.

Additionally, it was ruled legal that you can shoot cargo over the center line to disrupt the pre-placed cargo on the other side, however this seems highly impractical.

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Technically you are correct, but it seems like it would go against the spirit of the game. Also, if you can put this much effort into thwarting the opposing alliance, why not just put the effort into scoring for your alliance?


Because you will run out of balls on your side. For the top starting position, you only have one extra ball to intake and that can easily be done in well under 15 seconds. If your partner has a 3/4 ball auto for the bottom, there is nothing else you can do to score for yourself but you can have 5 or more seconds left in auto. There isn’t anything else to do in this time but relocoate opposing cargo. And I feel that control over opposing cargo is a part of this game, at least for the first scenario I mentioned, it was intentional that they were allowed to be controlled this year compared to velocity vortex where it was a penalty for contorlling the other color of balls.

Note it’s not actually illegal to cross the CENTER LINE during AUTONOMOUS per G210. (And moving opponent CARGO actually grants them the legal ability to shoot it in AUTONOMOUS, though I’ll buy ice cream for anyone who successfully pulls that off in a match.)

That said, if you can reliabily put opponent CARGO where your ALLIANCE wants it during AUTONOMOUS without endangering any of the higher-value actions therein, there’s no real reason not to. It’s definitely within the game spirit, though it’s not high on my programming list. But I don’t know if it’s better to send them bouncing somewhere on the FIELD or try to hide them in a bad sight line; that’s for my scouts to say for the match.

I don’t imagine there are many dedicated defenders that have these autonomous chops, but if you’re not going to be handling ALLIANCE CARGO for a while, you can also just pick up 2.