Defense back in 2016?

So do you think defense will be back this year or do you think the GDC set a precedent last year by removing active robot to robot defense?

Well, bumpers are back this year, so I’m assuming there will be at least some form of robot-robot interaction.

I don’t think they would call it Stronghold if there wasn’t some form of defending, so I’m going to say most definitely yes.


Also, I feel like the general feedback for 2013/2014 competitions was much better than that of Recycle Rush, though it’s true that for RR, teams could create much more ambitious and creative designs that weren’t limited by durability.

2014’s Robot-Robot Interaction rules were a bit harsh, and I can quote at least 3 people saying “Week 1 was demolition derby”, but I think that if they took 2014’s robot interaction rules and made them a bit more specific, defense could be great this year.

I think that defense will be back for sure, especially as the game hint seemed to be strongly hinting of a CTF style game. I am somewhat inclined to believe (and hope!) that 2015 was more of an oddball year in terms of the lack of defense and alliance interaction. But hey, we will know in about 3 days, 16 hours, and 33 minutes!

Bumpers. Yes.

While I don’t want to teach Battle bots, I DO love me some good defense!

YES YES YES… please

Yeah. I don’t think many particularly liked the whole no-defense thing, even among offensive teams.

Without defense, there isn’t much way for upsets to occur except a mistake by the favorite. Matches become a foregone conclusion.

This is so true, and easily the best reason for defense to be reimplemented, aside from making gameplay more exciting.

I know what you mean, but RR could stand for Recycle Rush, Rebound Rumble, or even Rug Rage.



I guess so.

Maybe one day it’ll be Rest Relaxation…

Never. Never in FRC history has this been considered.

I’d sooner expect:

  • Railroad Rampage
  • Railgun Revenge
  • Ricochet Robot
  • Reciprocating Rhinoceroses
  • Rolling Rubble
  • Rhombus Ramble
  • Rambunctious Rockets, or even
  • River Rapids

before Rest Relaxation.

Yesss, railgun rampage.

The main idea being tossed around is capture the flag and that is bound to have some robot interaction. :yikes: ::ouch:: ::rtm:: :] :cool: It is also believed that there will be a period where the lights will go out and the robots will drive in the dark. Whether it is in autonomous or manual is to be seen.***%between%***