At the Chesapeake District event at Deep Run this past weekend, we actually had a robot playing defense on us at the loading station. I don’t recall who it was, but they rammed us into the loading station and disrupted our rotation from loading station to rocket. I believe there was a foul called, but it shows that it can be done.

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Yeah welcome to a game without protective zones, thats part of the game this year so build and compete around it.

That would likely be a G13 foul, worth 3 points, which is more than it’s normally worth to keep a robot from getting a hatch panel…

G13. Opponents in their HAB ZONE are off-limits. A ROBOT may not contact an opponent ROBOT if that opponent ROBOT’S BUMPERS are fully in their HAB ZONE.

  • Violation: FOUL. If this violation occurs during the last 30 seconds of the MATCH, the contacted opponent ROBOT, and all partner ROBOTS it’s fully supporting, are considered to have CLIMBED to LEVEL 3 at the end of the MATCH.

Outside the HAB zone, it’s rarely a foul for one robot per alliance to play pretty aggressively. That’s where the smart defense will be.

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