Defensive Powerhouses of 2007

Alright, so I was lookiNG around the gen forums today, and I noticed threads for best scores, ramps, and hybrids, but no love for those who have played the best defense in the regionals.

again no glorifying your own bots.

I would like to start off by mentioning one of my personal favorites from the NJ regional, team 637. They were essentially a ramp bot that could push just about anybody they wanted across the field like they were on ice.

In Pittsburgh, the two that stood out to me were 247 (Da Bears) and 48 (Delphi Elite), both were ramp 'bots that could shove everyone else at will. We were with 48 in the finals against 247’s alliance, it was neat watching them shove each other around, at least up until we lost the third match due to Da Bears wreaking havoc on us…:frowning: I will update after Buckeye, where we will have a much bigger field of teams!

1824 at BAE.
558, 1995 at UTC.

2108 and 843 at VCU also 539 did a decent job at VCU too

Da Bears was also a powerhouse defensive bot at Detroit. Also was 1248 and 703. Da bears defense was totally brutal. I was surprised they didn’t get yellow-carded though…

1501 - Team THRUST - was a big, mobile wall. Their drive train (2 wheels and some sliders) was interesting - it gave them agility and quickness. Rather than defend with brute force, they just simply got in the way. They could block an entire half a field without problems in the elims, giving 45 free reign to score at will. They, along with 1555 (who were the eventual champs), were the best lifters at BMR.

team 558 at UTC was able to shut down great offensive robots, such as 25, 40, 230 and team 20.

I think 1155 was a great defensive robot this year. They made it to finals in NJ with it with the help of the other alliance partners.(Sorry I don’t remember the numbers)

when i think about it from UCF, the two that stood out were 86, they went 3 on one in the first match we played in and only allowed 4 points . they played great defense throughout the elimination rounds. another one that comes to mind is 744, the way they harassed pink throughout the qualifying rounds thanks to the “random” scheduling, is really what made 233 look like they were the worst bot there (not the last place finish and they wern’t the worst bot.)

1519 at BAE, 1516 at SVR

The best defensive bot I have seen this year is probably a tie between team 1155 and team 177.

247, hands down.

At the Finger Lakes Regional, I would have to say that team 145 (T-RX), team 191 (X-Cats), and team 1559 (Devil-Tech) all played excellent defense.

247, 703, 123,…

three amazing robots, in defense as well as in other aspects.


1189, those guys put up some of the best defense I’ve ever seen, phenominal job!

  1. Period.

Team 694 was a moving wall as well. I was honestly scared for the life of our drivers as they inadvertantly rammed into the alliance station wall. Though they got a bit aggressive later on, they were a force to be reckoned with at NYC, showing incredible teamwork with 375 and 56 all the way to the last match
(in they were defeated).



The best defensive robot at the Chesapeake regional was 1784. They were able to shut my team (1727) down completely in the semi-finals.

I’d say 1189.

Boilermaker gave away fun awards that were voted on by the teams and 1189 won the defensive one.

It felt good to have the best defensive robot on our alliance in the elimination rounds.