Defensive Strategies

So, what ideas do people have for defense?
There’s the obvious stuff; stay in front of the corner goals for ground shooters, and for center goal shooters, try to bump em off as best you can.
What else?

Build an incredibly aggressive ball-sucker. Depriving the other team of balls is a good way to decrease their scoring. Use your ball-sucking skills to hand balls over to the best shooter on your alliance either by dropping one or two balls in front of their collection mechanism, or by gently poofing them into an open-top hopper. Sometime in the 4th period dump all your balls into the low goal for a little 15-25 point pop.

You could also try running up the ramp at high-speed, flying through the air to smash into the plexi in front of the opponent’s driving station, distracting them and perhaps causing them loss of bladder control. Your robot may only be able to do this once, so pick your time wisely. :slight_smile:

you could hook on to another robot and drag them, though im not sure if that would count as a pin or a disableable offense. there is also ramming and annoying LOUD NOISES to scramble the brains of your opponents.
but seriosly, try to interfear with the main objectives of the opposing bot as muc as possable. if you were uber GODly masters of programming sensing and the force you could try to shoot the opponents balls in mid-air (have fun with that).
you mainly have the basics though. try to see it as what would be to most irksom thing that could happen to you when you are playing offense.

remember land mines are defensive weapons.

You’d probably get an entanglement call, and its associated penalty or penalties. (Don’t have a copy of the rules handy, so can’t check just whate the penalties are. I think there was something about disabling.) Unless the head ref was really feeling gracious, that is.

The best defence has gotta be just continuous ramming another robot so they don’t get an opportunity to shoot. Since this isn’t basketball where a defence-man can’t touch someone who’s in the process of shooting, this strategy would be equal to just hugging the player with the ball all the time so they can’t shoot or pass (which isn’t allowed is b-ball). So I really don’t think many robots will have to specially equipped for defence.

Whats more important is defence strategy; choosing which robots to stick on, or choosing whether to play defence at all. You could just sit back and load up on all the balls your opponents score and when the period ends, got back and score all those points back.

The most interesting defence period will most likely be the last period where both teams can score and there are no backbots. There are so many strategies for that depending on bot’s weakness and strengthes and the score situation.

So all in all, just ram the robot trying to shoot.

<edit>replace all instances of “ram” with “impact from short distance”</edit>

Might I just note rule G 22 on page 7 of Section 4 The Game, where it specifically says no ramming… Granted this strategy works well when just simply stated as pushing, but just remember everyone RAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED.

I think Shu means ramming from short distances. Eg. accelerate from 2 feet away, ram, back off 2 feet, ram etc. The rule states no long distance ramming.

That is why I put my post in the wording it is, to note that ramming is technically illegal and is stated in the rulebook as from a distance, and that a good defense does not include ramming but instead pushing.

We had the idea of attaching a large CIM to a fan blade and trying to blow the ball away from their trajectory. Yeah, like thats gonna happen. We also had the “idea” of attaching all 15 available motors ( i think there are 15 ) to a fan, and just floating around the field.

you know…anything is possible :ahh:

You know what, that sounds REALLY COOOL!!! perhaps…gear it to a thousand rpm, like most teams’ shooter roller thingies, you could have some potential for changing the trajectory just enough. Then again, I think just making the robot mobile enough to get in front of the shooting robot should be enough. There probably won’t be (m)any teams that have robots that fire from the ceilings of their robots.

BTW, if you could have a floating robot, load it up and slam dunk! =D

Really? This is the only design we have been seriously considering.

[quote=Shu Song]Whats more important is defence strategy; choosing which robots to stick on, or choosing whether to play defence at all. You could just sit back and load up on all the balls your opponents score and when the period ends, got back and score all those points back.

Here’s my idea; have your backbot harvest balls until it’s full. Then switch the backbot with another alliance bot. Repeat. Then, at the beginning of offence, rush the opponents goal and chutes. Even if they block two of your robots from scoring at all, you’re going to make 10-30 points (assuming your robot holds 10) right off the bat. This strategy also has the advantage of keeping balls away from your opponents (seeing as you don’t even have to rotate your backbot to collect balls; it would just be easier to collect them (and guard the opponents) by rotating backbots).

Where in the world will you get land mines? Beside your backyard.

But anywho, i think you have the general idea. block the two corners and blocking the shooters gonna be hard. Well you could like when he sets up to shoot you could “nudge” :smiley: him off course.


well in the strategy team we brainstormed about all kinds of defensive strat’s

the backbot, on all our strategies collected balls all the time
but we had a few ideas for him
for example have the backbot pile up lots of balls infront of the corner goals
and pick up ALL balls from the field, arranging them according to the teams capabilities, also during the defensive period our HM’s will throw balls continusly towards the bot for him to organize the balls

one of the most important thing is we control ball circulation,not the other team, that way they need to wait for us before they can act
heck if we have a lead when most balls are in our side we might not even throw balls out and just wait out the rest of the match, always think about the circulation VERY important

about the 2 other bots they will try and push balls away as much as possible
if the opposing team has 2 pushers and one shooter (Average?)
if the pushers get the balls in the corner goals we can let go of them and focus on the shooter (since any ball coming from the HM’s on the other side will be quickly pushed away by us, easier to push a ball and disrupt collection
then collecting a ball…

we are trying to get a meeting with some basketball coaches on more defensive moves and strat’s seeing as this game is VERY similiar to basketball
in the gameplay

and that’s about it, wont get into specifics ( :rolleyes: ) but I do suggest
you guys take photoshop or even PAINT or whatever and take the arena graphic (from above) and draw up moves your bot might do on the defense
study them
and offer them to your alliance teammates in the matches

only trouble is trying to convince your alliance to go with one certain plan
and not just “play it out”

good luck all

(my 2 cents, sorry for typos)

a strategy to consider goes along with collecting all the balls, but you dont necessarily have to score them. Because once u do, the balls are then available for the other team to score, and if u scored one-pointers, they could use those to make three-pointers. You could just collect the balls and not score them, just hold on to them, if you have a decent lead, because for every ball that you have, that is one less ball for the other team to score.

Ramming like that is what i call sniper ramming.

But anyways…

Use your defensive robots, all of them to plot/prepare for offensive period.

It’s surprisingly simple.

you need to think out of the box.

First everybody is worry about the 3rd robot scoring. what would happen if a defence robot can push 2 robots at the same time around :slight_smile: leaving the other robot 1 on 1.

If you where to block a side goal while waiting there you could be filling it with balls

no one have said anything about the ramp. this is going to be big. it is worth 25pts if you get three robots up there. I like that because if you push your opponent up on to the ramp you can hold them there until the end. :yikes: (by the way the ramp I think will flip robots over if being push to it) that will make it easy to move a turtle on its back up the ramp. :eek:

go to where the points are and you will win.

Only thing to watch is if the refs continually see you tipping teams even if it is pushing them up a ramp they may start calling penalties and dq’s etc… Something for the FIRST q&a maybe?