Defensive Strategy

Is it against the rules to try and “own” the opposing alliance’s platform and prevent (following FIRST defensive rules) all 3 of their robots from getting on to the platform, thus not allowing them to score any bonus points? Looking over the rules, I have not found anything prohibiting this or really anything specific to it. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t see why not. On a related note, it also appears to be a legal move to pin an opponent robot on YOUR platform for points (or theirs just to keep them under control).

(Emphasis mine)

As noted above. You can attempt to control an opponent’s platform. You should beware that they are allowed to pin you indefinitely while you’re on the platform and vice versa. And also, if you’re sitting on the platform preventing them from getting on it, you run the risk of being on the platform at the end of the round and scoring points for them anyway. The color of a robot on the platform doesn’t matter. Thus the “3 or more” phrasing in the rules.

Yup. If you are on their platform at the end of the match trying to keep them off you are doing good for them, not you.

<G09> ROBOTs on ALLIANCE PLATFORMs - ROBOTs score points if they are entirely on an ALLIANCE PLATFORM at the end of the match. ALLIANCEs receive points for ROBOTs belonging to either ALLIANCE that are on the ALLIANCE PLATFORM closest to the ALLIANCE’s DRIVER station. If any part of the ROBOT is touching the carpet, the ROBOT is not considered on the platform. If a ROBOT is entirely on an ALLIANCE PLATFORM and is touching another ROBOT that is not entirely on the ALLIANCE PLATFORM, it still is considered on the platform. One ROBOT on a platform or ramp is worth 5 points, two ROBOTs are worth 10 points, 3 or more ROBOTs are worth 25 points.

They would receive 5 bonus points for your robot being on their platform at the end of the match.

All very true. But if you are succesful they will receive 5 points while you can still get 10 for your other two robots. So you get a net of 5 pts more than them.