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I recently came across an college interviewer who was fascinated about FIRST. He was so fascinated that he actually tripped me up. He asked me in plain simple words, “Define FIRST”. He had no prior knowledge of it, but he saw on my application that I was actively involved, but it gave no description of the program. I of course responded with the obvious (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), but there was so much rushing through my head that I just couldn’t explain it; the interviewer knew it and he got curious. I have another interview with him in two weeks and I told him that I would have a response for him then. Here is the kicker, he told me I can only explain it to him in 10 words or less (he thought that it would be a challenge for me and he was right.). There are of course “the people, the opportunity and the rush of competing with your pride and joy machine” (already 15 words!). So I am going to ask you the same thing… how do you “Define FIRST”? (It doesn’t have to be in 10 words or less though :wink: )

If anyone is curious, it was an interview for “The London School of Economics”.

A high school engineering competition to promote science and technology. (10 words, first try :))

A robotics competition that teaches valuable life skills as well.

A robotics competition that inspires students to learn about engineering.

Robotics competition inspiring students to learn science, math, and technology.

Real world learning, from design to build to testing.

Real world learning: teamwork, design, building, and testing.

This is similar to one exercise I use with my students is teaching them to try and describe FIRST or the team in 30 seconds or less. It’s useful for when we do exhibitions and the students need to grab the attention of the slightly interested.

That’s more than ten words! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha sorry Ed. Here’s my go:

Inspiring students to pursue career goals previously beyond their reach.

FIRST is a multi-national organization that places high school students with mentors from the worlds major corparations. Through this partnership they get a game to build a robot for and participate in a 6 week build season that ends in around 30 worldwide regionals and a Championship Event in Atlanta Georgia.

Interesting, intriguing, idealogical, inspirational involvement between students, mentors and robots.

Avenue for innovative learning about engineering and the real world

FIRST is a way of life where dreams become reality.
FIRST, robotics development/implementation in science/technology by engineers/students.

Inspiring future innovators through robotics, competition, teamwork, and gracious professionalism.

FIRST is an organization that teaches students that smart is cool.

Real-world engineering experience disguised as a High School robotics competition.

Large-scale student robotics competition with a social conscience.

An opportunity to learn, grow, network, with potential worldclass scientists and engineers.

thats like…52 words.
A high-school robotics competition incorporating essential life skills within.


A movement that will someday save the planet.

I don’t know what makes me think of this, it doesn’t make much sense anyway… I am pretty sure my reputation will be ruined after this, I won’t ever say this in front of people, not ever, but here goes:

Q: Define FIRST in 10 words or less.
A: Dada! Dada! Dada! Dada! Dada! Dada! Dada! Dada! Dada! Dada!

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