Defining the Venom BDC 10001 Motors

I am a member of the team 1208 and we have run into a problem with the venom. We are trying to declare the motors with the motor ID and that led us to the users manual. It said that we needed to type our Robo Rio IP address into the search bar and then we would find the motor IDs there. We tried it and it didn’t work. So we tried looking on various websites including the Chief Delphi website but all we could find was someone with a different problem with ours. We have tried every website and everything we tried didn’t work. So here we are. If you know anything about this it would be highly appreciated of you to let us know your ideas.

Did you deploy code that uses the PWF library? I believe that’s necessary. You also have to specify the port number that the PWF web interface uses, you can’t just enter the roboRIO IP address.

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