Del mar final 3

Well boys this is why we comicate
War lords took robo dolphins spot for the climb and robo dolphins could climb lost by one point great regional though

Yeah that was a real yikes, even the 2 tech fouls weren’t enough to make the difference

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This is incorrect. Dolphins’ climb and drive were broken and their comms were spotty in that last match (not their fault, timeout was insufficient to repair and comms issues were an unpredictable calamity). They couldn’t climb due to mechanisms and decided not to park to not disrupt the climbs of 5851 and 2485. Everything was well communicated, it was due to factors outside all of our control. I’m disappointed to see the blame being put on our team when it is truly no one’s fault. Congrats to the winning alliance who truly did great!


There are lots of factors in match execution including robot functionality, last second strategy calls, and other things that spectators don’t see. The Del Mar finalist alliance was made up of 3 great teams and I highly doubt that the event was lost on a miscommunication(miscomication?).

Be careful with making assumptions about why certain things happen on the field. Leave everything on the field and trust that the drivers were making the best decisions they could with the information they had in the moment.


O I didnt hear that I’m sorry for calling out your team


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