Delayed Robot Reactions

Our team has built a practice bot this year and we are using a 2005 radio.

Sometimes the robot runs just fine, we drive it around… the battery runs down… we replace the battery… and then it starts “lagging”

It is still controllable, but everything is delayed. We ran a whole bunch of tests to diagnose the problem, and then for some mysterious reason it started functioning normally.

The robot also “lags” when tethered.

In my opinion the problem has something to do with changing the battery, since whenever we have done this the problem has returned.

I’m not the programmer, I’ll get him to explain more…

This sounds like one of the symptoms of the “8.2v bug” reported last year. Did you start with last year’s default code? I think there was a change to the linker file that fixed it (or at least masked it).

Same exact thing was happening to us…I honestly don’t know what we did to fix it, we just kinda played around with stuff until it was running right.

Here’s some further information on our condition:

When you turn on the robot, it works fine. Over time, the problem gets progressively worse.

On Monday, it worked fine for an hour and a half.

On Tuesday, it worked fine for an hour.

On Wednesday, it worked fine for half an hour.

Today, on Sunday,it only worked fine for two minutes.

v11 firmware was downloaded - no difference.

The OI was switched from 2006 to 2005 - no difference.

Radios were switched from 2004 to 2005 - no difference.

The camera was disabled - no difference.

The terminal window works fine.

Currently, we are trying to switch the 2004 Robot Controller to 2005.

Load the version 15 master code in the 05 controller. See if that helps, the master code is the same for 04-07 controllers.