Delays with Andymark and VEX

Is anyone else having problems with Andymark items arriving on time? We ordered parts almost a week ago and still haven’t received them. Just wanted to know if this was a widespread issue.

It’s peak build times- there are 3500 teams trying to order parts. Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done to help it.

Andymark has been close to next day delivery for us. We had one order that took 2 days to arrive.

We haven’t had issues with either shipping wise. Andymark is a couple days away after an order, and Vex shipped really quick. WCP seems to take forever to get here but what should we expect, it’s across the country.

My experience is that except for back-orders, custom kitted items, and during the real peak ordering times (within a week of kickoff or bag, or as FIRST Choice lotteries are shipping), both usually ship the same or next day. I see that AM has a banner up: Due to the high volume of orders, there may be a 3-5 business day delay in the shipment of your order, especially if you have products to be kitted or assembled. Thank you for your patience! If your order has not shipped within a week of ordering, contact them - I have only needed their customer service a few times, but have always found it to be excellent.

+1 for contacting suppliers directly. In my experience, they do respond on CD; however, they respond much more quickly when they are contacted directly.

To tweak this, I totally agree on customer service and ordering questions. On the other hand, I have seen many technical questions answered on CD by vendors.

I’ve triple-checked with our team in charge of inventory a couple of times this season. We haven’t had an issue receiving things within our normal cadence from Vex or AM this season. We usually order parts Sunday night and they arrive by the following Saturday (or Thursday if we 2nd-day air it for reasons).

We’ve had one wrong-part hiccup, which is actually an all-time low so far (not from Vex or AM, btw).

We have been waiting about a week and a half, but we are all the way on the west coast and ordered 57Sport GBs, VEX ,REV and WCP is almost like next day here. No worries from us the product is worth the wait.

I ordered some stuff from AM early on 1/22 and am kind of surprised that it hasn’t shipped yet. Sure hoping they get it out on Mon or Tues. Then there are the orders from 1/23/ and 1/25… McMaster hasn’t shipped our 1/22 order yet, either.

My guess is AM may be a little backlogged due to fulfilling all of the FIRST Choice orders along with their normal customer orders, which is understandable.

I placed an order last Sunday (1/20) and it didnt ship put until late Thursday night/early Friday morning. Arrived here (VA) this morning.