Delete Animation frames ?

can you delete the animation fames or smthing cause when i click on the key and delete it the boxes still animate… like i want to chang the way that they move but i can’t because they are always moving when i try to set a keyframe at a certain location because i had animated them before. I just want to strip all the previous animation basically.

next time when u ask specific questions like this, please make it a little more specific and understandable.

But what I think you are asking is how to undo or remove the keys from an animated sequence. Just click on the object and there will be little boxes that you have to delete. Sometimes motion still occurs because objects were linked or part of a group so you will need to stop motion on the group. If that doens’t work then open the (curve editor) its 2 boxes next to the material editor on the toolbar. In there you will be able to adjust anything you want, including speed and curving of the object. Good luck.