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Can you show what your screen looks like?


This is my screen

Off-season FMS doesn’t have key generation because it is set up for use with a “normal” router. You should configure your router with a key for the event and configure all radios for home use (bridge) with the same key.

See the networking sections of the off-season FMS documentation for more info. Off-Season FMS | FMS Documentation


I’ve did it just like in the tutorial and still dont have a Generate Keys…

As I said, the off-season FMS does not have the generate keys functionality. You will not find the option because it does not exist (it is in the FMS used during the season with official fields, but it is removed from the off-season version).

So, Thats means I can’t do nothing with this…

What are you trying to do? The reason the key generation functionality is not there is because it’s designed specifically to work with the router on the real field to switch APs/keys from match to match. That router has custom firmware that is not released by FIRST. For off-season events the network is set up completely differently, where there’s a single AP that doesn’t change from match to match.

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Cheesy Arena has key generation and support for segregated wlans if you need it.

(This requires a specific hardware configuration for the networking equipment)


I want to use the Displays with teams but I can’t since its not have the Key Generator

What do you mean by “displays with teams”?

Do you really need segregated networking?

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Why does the lack of key generation (which is used to connect teams to an official field router that you don’t have) prevent you from using the [FMS, I assume] displays with teams for an offseason event?

You can run an event using the Off-Season FMS, it’s just not an exact copy of the in-season FMS. There’s directions here how how to configure your router and then here on how to configure robot radios to connect to your router at the event. It’s just not exactly like an in-season event with a WPA kiosk.


I need the display
Of the winning alliance

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@AriMB, who are the FTAs for Israel these days? There’s a lot of things that I think are getting lost in translation here–maybe one of them can chime in via other channels.

@arnon001 that display is included, if you’d just follow the instructions for OFFSEASON FMS. Not regular season, OFFSEASON. There is a difference, but the displays for scores etc. are the same–not 100% sure the animation for winning alliance is included in Offseason FMS because I haven’t seen that in a couple of years.


I don’t think any of the FTAs are active on here. @arnon001 if you want to send me a PM I can see if I can help figure out what the problem is.

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OK so the issue is with the Offseason FMS, I believe that when FIRST releases the FMS they cut features however they have cut the wrong feature in the 2022 OSFMS and have made it unusable

While it is true that

“Even though team WPA keys are not used”

the documentation still asks you to

“click Generate Security Keys before leaving this step (Match Play will require keys to exist in the database)”

(from the offseason FMS documentation)

In the 2019 OSFMS, the generate keys button exists and is a required step in creating an offseason event,

Image 1

In the 2022 OSFMS the generate button after selecting teams for a new comp just doesn’t exist And when you move on to the next step it blocks you and asks you to generate the keys,

Image 2

Image 3

TLDR; I believe The 2022 OSFMS is broken @arnon001

edit; fixed image 2



@Rasco I assume you’ve submitted a bug report to HQ already?

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Quick question for OP and mods, thoughts on restoring the initial post and the title? The question is legit and could help others if they come by the thread in the future!


I deleted this,
Its a long story,
there is a story behind it i dont wanna tell…