Deleting National Instr folder to redownload Labview - HELP

I was enjoying myself over Thanksgiving and thought I could clean up my Labview files and re-download everything. I didn’t uninstall I just started deleting files. Now I can’t delete National Instruments folder and I can’t download LabView from the DVDs. I’m sure this is a common problem. HELP!

I’ve been there. I find this feature of the MSI installers really frustrating too.

The thing that worked for me was to first choose to repair the installation – it will take awhile. At that point, you probably do not need to redo anything else, but if you like, you can uninstall and reinstall. But the repair is effectively the same thing.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks…but …how do you “repair” the installation? Is there a program for that?

The installer itself should have an option for:


Those are the three basic options of mainly every program.


Thanks again…but the NI Labview installer disk walks me through installation with no other options. I’m very close to giving up…

Download Revo Uninstaller and see if it can remove it. It’s a freeware program I’ve used in the past to good affect when I’m having trouble removing a program.

Bah, don’t give up so easily. There are a couple tools you can use to really do some damage to a LabVIEW installation. One of these tools at your disposal is your DELETE key, which does a pretty amazing job (you’ve proven it!); LabVIEW is much more than just a bunch of files on the hard drive.

I found a LabVIEW forum post that should be able to help you. The last post of the thread links to a document that walks you through the process of blasting the files, MSIs, registry keys, and sets you up for a clean install. The tool we use for such a manual trashing of the system is called “MSI Blast” and it’s included in the reply on the original thread. With it you can find all National Instruments “installer bits” and trash them. It won’t be quick, but it will be thorough.

Happy Trashing.