Deleting White Paper Attachments.


I’mmhaving trouble deleting attachments to one of my white papers.

I posted a bad file, and so I posted a replacement, now I can’t delete the original.

I Click the “Delete” link next to it, and a box pops up asking me if I really want to delete it.
I answer OK, and the screen refreshes, but the attachment is still there.

Any clue what I’m doing wrong?

This is my paper:

I’m trying to dlete the two attachments named JUST “LabVIEW Source Code”

You did not do anything wrong. It happened to me also. I sent a PM to Brandon Martus and he deleted the bad files for me. He said he will look into the problem.


This bug should be fixed … can someone try to delete an attachment on one of their white papers (download it first, so you can re-attach it, obviously).

Yup, I can confirm that it works.