Delphi Chatroom?

I am a memeber of another VBulletin forum, and it has a great chatroom attatched to it. They got it from, and the initial set up is free, only it can support just 10 users and a moderator. The upgraded version is a $30 set-up fee and a $99 yearly charge. Might I suggest that the admistrator(s) take a look into it? I don’t know if there is already another chatroom, as I have missed it if there is. Also, if a new chatroom is installed, may I ask to become a moderator? I was a moderator in the aforementioned chatroom on the other Vbulletin forum, and I know quite a bit about the functions; I could be an asset in preparations.
Hope the idea helps.

There used to be a chat here. It wasn’t used much due to the popularity of Tigerbolt. You can find that chatroom at:

We used to have a live realtime chat, but it was taken down due to system resources. That, and it was just reeeeeeeeeaaallllly slow.

Tigerbolt is a popular one (link on main forum page)

And, another team is hosting one on efnet in #FIRST.

In that case, would it be aproblem to host the free version of the chatroom on here?

We’re going to leave chat up to Tigerbolt & the other ones … we’re too busy with the forums to keep track of chat, as well.

Eh, okay. I just thought that I could manage the smaller room myself. Thanks for the consideration! :slight_smile: